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22/01/2017 | Sign up, Download Chat, Badoo Messenger, Login - is the spot where you chat, date and meet with over 243 million users. Join the badoo community at and make friends in your area. Badoo messenger helps you to chat with other users.
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Note that Badoo messenger is not same as Yahoo messenger! is the spot where young and old singles hook up. sign up Download and chat is essentially helpful especially for those seeking for life partners. Many have used messenger to secure for themselves life partners. Badoo social network is across all the continents of the world including Africa and Nigeria in specific. is a social networking site that users get to know about other users within their community. in a short word is a " Social Community".

How to Create a Badoo Account Using Facebook Login

You can now use your Facebook account to sign up Badoo or  Badoo Login if you are already a Facebook user, with Facebook connects. To create account via Facebook, follow the steps below:

1.    You will be expected to login your Facebook account, then  go to badoo registration page (, click on the Facebook connect button to complet your  Badoo Login.

2.    Fill and submit the membership form.
3.    Complete your email registration.
4.    Now you are a member.

Carry out your  Badoo Login any where & anytime via mobile, PC, etc. You can go on and make friends across the globe without any boundary, meet new people, tease and chat with friends, picture uploads, meet the over 216 million strong community of badoo subscribers worldwide.

During my research on Social network, I stumbled on this amazing history of Below is the Historical details of Badoo:

Historical Background of

Badoo was launched in 2006, by a small international group of young, forward thinking programmers and tech entrepreneurs. Their vision was to use the most advanced technologies available to create an elegantly modern, fast and easy way for people to meet new people in their area - and have fun doing it. The scope would be global, but adapted to local needs. It worked.

The now has the majority of its operations in London and currently employs well over 250 full-time international staff. Badoo is currently available in 46 languages via and various social/mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Facebook & Desktop application.

A number of employees played a key part in the launch and ultimate success of Badoo and have now gone on to work for large companies, start their own businesses, or help grow other successful internet businesses. We appreciate the help of these early employees. It is hard to name everyone (since many are still with Badoo), but some of the individuals who helped out in the early stages were:

Michael Geer (Project Manager), Neil Bryant (Managing Director), Gloria Diez (Global Marketing Manager), Juan Canas (Spanish Country Manager), Lucy George (PR Director), Vitaly Batmanov (Software Developer), Timur Gumirov (Software Developer), Alan Vanstone (Product Manager), Jean-Baptiste Raynaud (Marketing Associate), Vanessa Smith (Project Manager).
official website for

How to Register on - Badoo SignUp

One of the criterias for becoming a Badoo user is that an individual needs to sign up on is just like every other site like,, etc. All you need to is sign up to badoo. Procedures for sign up to badoo is simple, provide them with the necessary information about you and you are good to rock!
If you successfully sign up to Badoo NOT Yahoo please, you will automatically see other users within and outside your community to chat and flirt. Badoo also enables you to change locations for easy hook up and as well as poke friends, like facebook does.

Visit - On how to download Badoo Messenger on Tablets, Mobile Phones, Ipads, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry etc

1. On your right hand side, provide your information i.e
First Name, Date of birth, Locations, Gender, Select Reasons for joining badoo
2. Finally, click o the sign up button. Proceed to the Badoo login / sign in ptabs
3. Have fun

Deleting Account on

If you wish to delete your account on due to any reason at all. Its quite simple:

1. On a PC or laptop, visit your account and sign in
2. Click on the let me in tab to login
3. Visit the about page
4. Finally, click on the contact tab and complete the delete. sign up Download and chat
Badoo Chat

Click here to start chatting on

If you are still having problem with deleting your account, put what the problem is on the comment box below. Within 24 hours you will get a moderation comment from the Admin.
Solution 1: How to Download Badoo at

Download Badoo on Android, iPad, iPhone & Others.

If you ain't satisfied with Badoo on your computer, you may probably wish to us Badoo on your mobile phone at the badoo mobile site or download Badoo native apps for your Android or iOS devices. As I said earlier, Badoo is an online dating social network whose aims are focused on social networking service for example finding new friends, chatting, and finding a date.

Supported Devices for Badoo Downloads: offers native apps for Android and iOS based devices. You can download Badoo on all Android phones running Android 2.1 and above. iPhones and iPads running iOS 5 and newer can install the iOS native app. To access Badoo on other mobile phones, just point your mobile browser to

Download Badoo for your Device
Badoo for Android and iOS are available at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively. Here are download links we grabbed from the Badoo website:

Badoo Languages and Translation

The team has now made Badoo available in various languages including the under-listed languages:
Badoo login in English, Badoo Finnish, Badoo French, Badoo German, Badoo Greek,  Badoo Italian, Badoo Japanese, Badoo login in Deutsch,  Badoo Polish, Badoo Portuguese, Badoo Russian, Badoo Ukraine, Badoo Spanish, Badoo Swedish, Badoo Slovak, Badoo Czech, Badoo Indonesian, Badoo Turkish, Badoo Hungarian, and Badoo Hebrew. is now made available in almost all countries of the world and had integrated into almost all major languages/domains of the world not just badoo English, ranging from Badoo Fr, Badoo Uk, Badoo Eu,, badoo,dr,  and lot more. Once you are on, how to meet new people is not a big deal.

Badoo chat through badoo messenger is a wonderful experience. Even the badoo desktop version is not a bad option. If making new friends and chatting with friends is your hubby, badoo will definitely serve your well.  With badoo Login, you will get to meet people in your area as well other countries of the world.

Badoo Mobile app is now available in most operating system like Badoo blackberry ipad, iphone, Badoo android and lot more. All Badoo apps software for different operating systems are available on the badoo official website.

Complete Supported Languages:
English    English
Deutsch    German
Français    French
Español    Spanish
Italiano    Italian
Português    Portuguese
Русский    Russian
中文    Chinese
Bahasa Indonesia    Indonesian
Bosanski    Bosnian
Català    Catalan
Čeština    Czech
Dansk    Danish
Hrvatski    Croatian
Kiswahili    Swahili
Latviešu    Latvian
Lietuvių    Lithuanian
Magyar    Hungarian
Melayu    Malay
Nederlands    Dutch
Norsk bokmål    Norwegian Bokmal
Polski    Polish
Română    Romanian
Shqip    Albanian
Slovenski    Slovenian
Slovenský    Slovak
Srpski    Serbian
Suomi    Finnish
Svenska    Swedish
Tagalog    Tagalog
Tiếng Việt    Vietnamese
Türkçe    Turkish
Ελληνικά    Greek
Български    Bulgarian
Українська    Ukrainian
עברית    Hebrew
العربية    Arabic
हिंदी    Hindi
ไทย    Thai
日本語    Japanese
한국어    Korean

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