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NECO Result Checker 2016/17 is Out at

Below is the procedures on how to check your NECO, NCEE, SSCE, GCE and JSCE results without stress. The methods of how to check NECO result were gotten from the NECO official website ( Follow the underlined procedures below carefully to check and print your neco results.

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2016 WAEC Result
WAEC GCE Time Table 2016/2017  - International
WAEC GCE Syllabus 2016/2017
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  Method on How to Check NECO SSCE Results

NECO Result Checker 2016
1. Select the Examination (NECO)  Type
2. Select the Examination year
3. Carefully enter your Examination Number
4 Finally, enter your NECO Exams number
5. Click on submit i.e "Check My Result" button.

That is all on how to check NECO Result. Provided you have provided correct  details, your NECO result will be displayed.

In case you do not have the NECO Result checker. Be sure to get it (NECO Result checker) at any available NECO office.

To check your result (NECO), ensure to follow the five steps above. If you are still stuck with checking result, kindly use the comment box. Good luck.

NECO official website at
Contact NECO office via Email:
National Examinations Council (NECO)  support lines are available from 8 a.m to 7 p.m

Check NECO Result 2017 Answer:

In order to check your NECO result 2017, view and follow the 5 steps above.

NECO Result Checker 2017 Answer:

As for the NECO Result checker 2017. You can get it at any available NECO office

How to Print NECO result Answer:

To print your NECO result is a matter of choice. You can decide to email it to your email or use the print button on NECO result page. On your email, you can print whenever you wish to by:
1. Pressing Ctrl P on your computer
2. Select and check your print preview
3. Go ahead and Print when you are satisfied with the preview.

That's all on how to print NECO Result!

How to check NECO result without scratch card Answer:

To be sincere, there is no way you can print NECO result without scratch cards. Well if find one, do help others by dropping the procedures of how to print NECO result without scratch card on the comment box.

2017 NECO Result is out | NECO result checking procedures Answer:

Check the image above or better still take a look at our 5 steps on how o check your NECO results WITH a scratch card. 

Latest Update:
This is the latest update on NECO result 2017/2018 academic year. I quote:
NOTE: please if you check it with your phone, you might not be able to check with a laptop or desktop again unless you get another scratch card. 


If you are still having issues on NECO result kindly use the comment box below.

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When is NECO Result 2015 going to be officially released?

Hi Mr. Iroigaks, the NECO exams is currently ongoing. Hopefully this years NECO result will be better than the last one. Are you writing NECO @Iroigaks?

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Kindly stop spamming. Thanks

Thanks man. I hope e go better pass waec

I also need NECO upgrade

lol.... Neco upgrade is an impossibility. If u are religious just pray

Ok sir!

I need NECO result alert biko!

Subscribe to email updates ASAP in order to get ur NECO result alert

Iyammi! I hear say NECO na sept na

Yea, NECO result will be out by September hopefully

please can u tell me the exactly date NECO result will be out

Not quite certain yet. But it may not exceed September

ok thanks

How can i subscribe to get my NECO result alert?

Subscribe to where you see "subscribe email updates" on the side bar

How can I upgrade my NECO result should I fail? Am not praying to fail o. Help Sir

When is NECO Result date?

Few days left. The result will be out. Nor dey rush things for life.

when is neco result wil be out please


Make una know wetin una the do 4 Nigeria o.

Can one still get neco 2013 scratch card

Hi i cudnt check my daughter's result online. Kindly help out.

I tried checking my 2016 Neco but year 2016 is not among the options for year of examination.what ia the cause?

This is because the result for 2016 has not yet been released.

When will neco result for 2016 be out

Pls when will neco 2016 come out

when is neco result 2016 be out

sept 30

when will neco 2016 be out oooo please answer.!!!

when will neco 2016 be out ooo please answer

how will neco 2016 b out

Enter your comment...wen is neco coming out 2016

plz wen is de neco result be out, my university screening has started Nd I need de result, for 2016 screening

Enter your comment...please when will neco 2016 be out bcus my school says awaiting results should not apply.

pls does anyone know when neco 2016\17 will be realeased?

are u serious did u call someone ?

i'm nervous. When is it going to come out

Ezenwaka Anthony delete 26/08/2016, 21:44

please neco

abeg make dey held our result oooooo

Are you sure?

pls wen is neco result b out

it is already out

admin can i talk to you in private?.... i guess i need ur help

pls will neco result b out b4 on d 5 sep

Please Neco officers,help us by releasing our result on Monday 5th September,2016. We really need it for admission.

Pls when his neco result coming out

Enter your comment... Admin , plz can U send a email to Neco official mail telling Them to Released our Result anything sept 9??? Abeg biko.... Or when did u think the result wil be released????? Answer biko

pls wen will neco result b out cos I nid it for admission bfor paying acceptance fee.pls

Enter your comment...please can you tell me exactly the date neco Will be release

Enter your comment...pls neco 2016 wen is it coming out

hmm I feel like crying pls neco release our result nah.....

hmm I feel like crying pls neco release our result nah.....

Abi..neco release our result...well I think it'll be released on 19th

On d 19th u mean..#are sure of this?

When will the neco result be out pls tell me

When are they releasing this year neco result?

Probably in two days time!

Enter your comment...release our neco ohhhh

I think may be the result would be out within today 14th to 20th September 2016..

pls neco I need this result as soon as possible for admission when will it finally comes out?

please when Neco 2016 will be Release

Pls wen will d neco 2016/17 result b out pls reply admin pls

when will this NECO be released self we in dire need of maybe released on 17th 19th or 20th sept 2016

Enter your comment...please when will the result be released??
I really need this result for my admission
Please Neco Release Our Results!!!

please I need my neco result be for 20septemberbe cause the screening will be closed on 21September am looking for admission please help us the way god help you thanks good bless you

Enter your comment...neco please release this results this week

Neco why. u make me lost my screening, now i can't go school to hell with u neco, don't release the result if u like

Neco has been released 2016 result ,this Friday

how can I check the neck result without using scratch card

how can one check the neck result without using scratch card

How do i buy neco scratch card online?

WHY DID MY NECO RESULT WILL NOT BEEN CHECK......................????????????????


sir pls I registered 4 GCE neco and I still want 2 register 1 more subject pls is dre any way out.....cus I went 2 cafe nd dey said it not possible sir pls kindly reply back sir

Neco Result Expert delete 13/01/2017, 17:22

NECO result for 2017 is gonna be a hit. Because I trust Nigerians to do it well again.

NECO 2017 result is sure. Please update us on the date for registration.

Pls I need urgent asiss when the neco Nov/Dec 2016 result will b ready plss

Plss when d result of neco Nov/Dec 2016 will b release plss

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