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2go for PC: Download 2go, Whatsapp for PC/Desktop

2go for PC

2go for PC/Computer

2go is one of the most popular Mobile Messenger which allows users to chat, share files and communicate with friends and loved ones. 2go mobile messenger application has millions of  registered users. 2go mobile App is a lightweight mobile messenger that makes keeping in touch with your friends easy and smooth.

With 2go Mobile Messenger, a user can create and edit his or her profile, meet new folks and friends, share files & images and lots more.
However, if you cannot get enough of 2go on your mobile phone, the service now offers an experimental emulator to enable you use 2go chat on your laptop or desktop computers. The advantage of using 2go on PC is numerous but one most special importance is that you can type with your computer keyboard making typing very easy and fast.

Before now, the 2go Messenger was only used on mobile phones but we thank the efforts of the 2go team who has made it possible for PC Users to also have access to "2go" right on their PC/Desktop. Over sometimes now, I have been searching on how to download and use 2go on PC. But today the victory is mine. So have decided to share how I was able to "2go" on my Laptop PC. Followed these steps of how to download 2go on PC in order to stay connected with 2go friends.


As a result of how interesting and interactive 2go is, users believe that using 2go on PC will be more fun and enjoyable. This no doubt the truth. 2go on PC/Computer is more fun than the mobile version of 2go. Imagine, you just open the 2go mobile application and respond to chats without having to stare at your phone screen.

If you've been anticipating the PC 2go, then its time you move over to this url and download 2go messenger on for PC/Computer.

In case you are a novice on how to use 2go on PC, check the procedures to use 2go on PC below.

 How to Use 2go on PC

When you wants to start using 2go on your PC, It will be wise if you follow these simple tips on How-to-use-2go-on-pc-and-computer.

Follow this this url to download 2go messenger. After downloading 2go mobile application on PC. You need to register for a 2go account. You can as well register before you proceed to download the application on your PC (Older Version of 2go). Registration of 2go account can only be done using mobile application of 2go. To download 2go on mobile devices go to to download on your mobile phone and register an account. If you are a Nigerian, visit to download the mobile version of 2go.
After the completion of 2go registration, head on to download the application on your PC/Computer. 
Follow these steps to download 2go on PC and Computer.


1. Install an application called Java Runtime on your PC before you can use 2go on it.

2. Download 2go application software on your PC by visiting this url On this 2go webpage, you will be required to log in with your Mobile Number, Country and 2go Password. If your data entry is correct, you would be redirected to the 2go software download page.
Locate and click on 2go download logo as instructed to start the download process.

3. After you have successfully download your 2go application, transfer the files to your desktop/PC for quick access. Ensure to run the application and it will automatically download the full 2go software to your PC for the first time within 10 seconds. At this point you will see the 2go micro emulator interface launched automatically. You can begin chatting immediately...



Download 2go Messenger for PC to Chat with Facebook/GTalk friends
2go mobile messenger now allows you to chat with Facebook/GTalk friends for free. You should follow the steps above to download 2go to your mobile phone or follow this url which will also redirect you to or

So, How do I download 2go to my pc and start chatting with my Facebook/GTalk friends?

Follow the steps Above: HOW TO DOWNLOAD 2GO ON PC (Emulator)

Either ways,
Go to on your pc.
If you have a supported version of JAVA (JRE) on your PC, the 2go MicroEmulator will be downloaded to your PC without having to download the the JAVA (JRE).
Else if you do not have a supported version of JAVA software on your PC/Desktop, you will be automatically redirected to download and install it to your PC before you will be able to download and install the 2go MicroEmulator.

Once you successfully install the2go MicroEmulator, you can launch it to start chatting with your friends.

Precaution: Its better not to install this 2go for PC on a shared PC/cyber cafe PCs. The reason is that anytime someone launches the 2go application, they will not be prompted to log in with their 2go account details again, rather, users will be logged in automatically the account of the user that installed it.

For this fast growing mobile chat application (2go), it now seems as a requirement for the developers to constantly update the application and possibly develop new versions, either to add new features or to fix errors in previous versions.

I have decided to use this post "Whatsapp, 2go for PC: Download 2go, Whatsapp for PC/Desktop" as a medium to update all 2go members on new version releases.
That is, whenever the 2go mobile team releases a new version of 2go mobile messenger, we will upload that version here so you can come back to check regularly or simply bookmark this page for easy access.

Current 2GO Version
The current 2go version right now is 2go v5.0.1, you can download this version of 2go here.


Do You Know You Can Use Whatsapp and 2go on PC/Desktop?

With these Android apps called BlueStacks and Youwave, you can download Whatsapp and 2go on PC/Desktop. You can actually whatsapp/2go right from your PC/Desktop by downloading and installing any of these applications (Bluestack or Youwave.

To download Bluestacks for 2go/whatsapp, follow this link: (About 8MB)

To download Youwave for whatsapp/2go, follow this: (Over 100MB


I personally prefer bluestacks because even when you minimize the app, you can still get notifications from whatsapp/2go on your desktop (this means your computer home screen not a mobile travel charger, for una wey no sabi computer!). It is also much quicker to download, faster to install and overall, it is completely free. I included youwave because most windows 8 users seem to have problems installing Bluestacks on their PC. You wave offers 30 days free usage after which you have to buy a license to continue using it. If you don’t want to buy a license, all you need do is uninstall the one you have and install it again!

And the best part is that you’re not limited to only whatsapp! You can download and install pretty much any android application/game you want and run it on your PC. Yeah! So, no dulling! Get ’em now!

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