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Query Letter Sample: How to Reply & Answer a Query Letter from your Boss at Work

Welcome, this article is about to help you on how to reply and answer any query letter from your boss at work. This post will teach you how response to query is handled.

Stay tuned and do not panic because all your problems on how to answer query in office is about to be resolved. 

Query Letter Sample: How to reply & answer query letter
Sample Query Letter for answering any Query

Do you have a Boss at the office that queried you for coming late to work but you don't know how to reply a query letter, then this Query letter sample is for you. It will make sense to state good reasons for not being punctual, adding a physical or documented evidence to backup your reasons will also go a long way to help. Below is a Query letter Sample to give you a complete guide, all you have to do is to re-write it to suite the particular query you are replying. 

Below is a Sample Query Letter gotten from Martins Library that will guide you through the writing process.

I have taken time to write this post which I titled " how to answer and reply a query letter from your boss at work". The reason is because so many employees out there are faced with the problem of replying a query letter when ever such letter is issued. Below is the sample letter and please do well to share them with friends who are white collar job inclined.

Query Letter Sample: How to Reply & Answer a Query

22nd April 2017

The Permanent Secretary
State Planning Commission


Your letter of 22nd April 2017 on the above subject matter refers:

Sir, my lateness of 10th April 2017 which is unusual is due to the breakdown of my vehicle at Wellington Bassey road at about 7:41 a.m on my way to the office. My effort to get my mechanic to the place on time proved abortive consequently resulting on my reporting late to office after my mechanic finally came about 8:35. The receipts of his repair charges is attached for your perusal (photocopy)

For records sir, I am a regular beneficiary of the said magnanimity and as such would ordinarily not want to be late.
I promise to do my best to always be punctual.

Yours faithfully,

Please kindly understand that in as much as we have the good heart to publish this piece of query letter sample to help office staff answer and to reply query letters from their Bosses, We also advise every staff in every offices (Private or Public) to always do their best in becoming punctual and be the best they could be in their various offices/place of duty.

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Additional Note: If you wish to add sample Query letter to our blog, kindly do so by using the comment section or sending it to the email:


Query Letter Sample: How to Reply & Answer a Query Letter from your Boss at Work / Office for Lateness / Misconduct was brought to you by McDoglaz Crew.


Writing query letter is more or less a reply letter, so whats the big deal?

There is no big deal! but sometimes its hard to start writing something without any clues.

Can you help repost another sample query letter specially for me?

I think I will need to post another specifically for you upon your ORDER

Great query letter sample. This will go a long way to help latecomers

Queries can be difficult when you know you can justify your action though it is wrong but you've still got to put in a polite manner in order to fulfill all righteousness.

Yea. You've really got to show how sorry you are...Especially to some bossy bosses

how can write a queries after submit resume

This is a confusion query, as an Executive house keeping u notify that there's rat in the hotel and u notify the management for action, from the findings why rat is in the building and why windows open

It's funny... but you've gat to do something "Write the query letter".

How to reply a query stating you were rude to your boss and absent from work.

How to reply a query to concerning being rude and absent from work.

Sometimes, you might not be rude as your boss suggest - this is really annoying but it is wise to WRITE THAT QUERY LETTER in order to save your job. He or she may at the tail end begins to appreciate your little efforts in the organisation as well as promote you. That is if you are remain loyal and submissive by writing this query letter. Use the sample I present to you above and make some little adjustments to it!

Can u help me right a re query letter to ma boss... Within the next few minutes..

"Changing or producing an adults card into an under 5 so he or she could get health care immediately'"

I want to help but I do not understand what you mean by producing an adults cards.... I await your explicit response.

How to reply a query stating you were rude to your boss and always late to work.pls I need it in d next 5 hours

How to reply a query stating you were rude to your boss and absent from work.

My schedule is really tight and that won't be possible but you can modify this article to express your reasons why you were absent and/or rude to your boss

Sir, can you help me give me a sample on how to write to my manager concerning a certain issue, just the heading, thanks

how to ans query for missing audio metric test when am at work that very

I don't quite get your question. Howbeit, you can restructure the sample query letter presented in the article to reflect your current situation. Thanks for commenting. I really appreciate.

Please Sir, when is the best time to write a response to a query letter to your boss for misconduct. I have finished writing my query letter but I want to know if it's going to be in the morning hours or later in the day when my boss is on seat.

Anytime is the right time provided you were given the query letter. wishing you success.

i don't know how to startup a query letter that was giving to me from by boss?

willing to know how to startup a query letter from my boss

Just start writing, we learn to write by writing.

How to answer query that I left a child with a driver to drop home

That's an easy one... use the sample to write yours or check out other samples in the links irectly bellow the sample letter.

Pls I want to answer a negligence of duty query
letter.pls help.thanks

@Priceless princess, check my reply to others and you'll find answers to your question.

You can also offer to buy me a coffee to write your unique query letter just for you. 8-)

pls i need help on how to answer a query of 'MISTAKE'

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