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Linda Ikeji Net Worth is Currently N2.5 billion

Linda Ikeji Net worth is currently at N2.5 billion.  You may also want to read my previous article on Linda Ikeji Biography.  
Linda Ikeji Blog is a website where every Nigerian wants to visit before going to bed on daily basis. Linda Ikeji's net worth and her success story thrills every Nigerian blogger who intends to make it through blogging. Linda ikeji biography can be told by an average Nigerian citizen who knows what Internet is.
Some couple of months ago, we posted that Linda Ikeji's Net Worth is at N2.3 Billion. This month we are assuming she and her blog has upgraded to N2.5 Billion or more. 

Linda Ikeji Net Worth
Linda Ikeji Hot
We recommend you read this article "Linda Ikeji Biography".
There are lots of controversies over the truth behind "Linda Ikeji Net worth" both offline and online. This is what motivated me to conduct the research and to share the research result here with our valued readers. 

Based on this research result, we have decided to give a break down of what are earning records looks like. This is for the interest of the general public.
It may surprise you that a blogger is this rich but the truth is, "even though this is not a common achievement in Nigeria; it is never an impossibility as well."

Linda Ikeji Pictures
Linda Ikeji Picture
Linda Ikeji net worth has been something of debate on the internet.

Constative.Com reported that Linda finding out the Net-worth of her blog was really surprised to realize that her blog was worth $1.2 million far back 2012. While some think that she worth so much, others think it's just a sham, how could a blogger worth that much.

Summary of Linda's Net Worth

Below is the break down of Linda Ikeji's net worth:

Linda Ikeji Cars
Linda Ikeji Cars

Direct Adverts

Leadboard (Header) adverts - N950,000 x 2 = N1,900,000 monthly

Sidebar ads (Top) - N500,000 x 2 = N1,000,000 monthly

Sidebar ads (All site wide) - N400,000 x 30 = N12,000,000 monthly

Sponsored posts - N50,000 x 2 = N100,000 daily x 30 = N3,000,000 monthly.

Page branding (Site takeover) = N1,600,000 monthly

Total revenue from direct adverts = N19.5 million monthly.

linda ikeji wiki
Linda Ikeji

Adsense Revenue

To calculate the Adsense earning, you need to understand the daily traffic stat, and from our finding,

Linda Ikeji blog is currently receiving more than 500,000 daily pageviews. And from our known Adsense daily stat (CTR = 0.98 and CPC = 0,45) we calculate thus -

Click Through Rate (CTR) = 500,000/100 = 5,000 x 0.98 = 4,900 clicks daily

Total revenue daily = Cost per Click (CPC) x Click Through Rate (CTR)

4,900 x 0.45 = $2,205 daily.

Monthly Adsense Revenues - $2,205 x 30 = $66,150 (N12,237,750) monthly

Note: Since AdDynamo is a PPC similar to Adsense, we decided to omit that.

Net Worth

From the above calculations, you've seen that Linda Ikeji is conservatively making -

N31,737,750 monthly.

Armed with the above information, it is now easy for us to arrive at her current net worth. So, we decided to engage the services of our in house web traffic appraisal expert. He used aftermarket procedures to arrive at $10 million

Finally, even if Linda is the most extravagant spender in Nigeria, she should still have N500 million cash right now which represents just 2013 and 2014 earning minus total expenditures.

Therefore, Linda Ikeji current net worth is $10 million (N1,850,000,000) + N500,000,000

= N2,350,000,000

Updated: Linda's networth is $10 M (N1,980,000,000) + N500,000,000
=N 2,480,000,000 Approximately N2.5 Million with the month difference. i.e Interval between January and now (September.)

We believe you will agree with us that Linda Ikeji is not just another kinda hungry blogger out there trying to make her way up. She is already and always at the Top.



You can read about Linda Ikeji Biography and her Success Story

Official Website:

The break down was gotten from: Constative.CoM

Do share this success story with your friends to keep them motivated. Remember Sharing is Caring!

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When is Linda Ikeji going to marry?

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