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Nature of Company - SIWES Report

This is an example of SIWES Technical Report formats/style for "Nature of Company" that you can pick up, edit and use to suite your place of Industrial attachment. Check them out below

Nature of Company (FRSC)

The FRCN has a Board of Directors which has overall responsibility for policy and standards. The Director General is the Chief Executive Officer.
The National Stations and Lagos Operations Centre are headed by Directors who report to the Director General. The Director General and Directors form the Central Management Committee (CMC) which is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Corporation nationwide.
At the Headquarters, there is a Committee of Management (COM) chaired by the most senior director, with other Directors and Heads of Departments as members. There is also a Committee of Management (COM) in each National Station and Lagos Operations headed by the Director-in-charge, assisted by Heads of sub-directorates, General Managers of FM Stations and Heads of Internal Audit.
FRCN has three levels of Authority: 
  •  Headquarter
  • National Station
  • FM Station

Nature of Company (ICT  Centre, FUTO, Imo State)

The ICT Centre was established in the late 2002 with the aim of assisting the university realise its mandate of innovative use of ICT services and products to support research, learning, teaching and administrative processes. The University has mandated the ICT Center to carry out the following functions: -
  • To develop and implement an evolutionary ICT policy and strategy that is sensitive to emerging technologies and responsive to changing needs and practices
  • To guarantee the security of ICT resources and the safety of people working in ICT environments
  • To enhance skills to develop, implement, support and exploit ICT resources effectively and efficiently
  • To provide quality network infrastructure and improve student & staff access to ICT services in line with University priorities
  • To ensure that business systems accommodate and facilitate changes in business practice that reflect changing institutional, staff and student needs
  • To advance the need for adequate and sustainable ICT funding from within the University and develop capacity to attract external resources.

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