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How To Add Whatsapp Share Button to your Blog or Website Mobile View


Whatsapp is undoubtedly the most popular mobile messenger with over 600 million users all around the globe. The the amount of people using the messenger app, i will without doubt tell you that it will sure help boost your traffic if you add whatsapp share button to your blog of website for users to easily share whatever they read on your blog or website with their friends.
I will be showing you how to add whatsapp share button to your blog or website and increase your mobile traffic.

For WordPress Users Wordpress users can easily add Whatsapp share button to their blog using Mobile Sharebar, . This is actually one of the first Plugin on wordpress to add whatsapp share button and I must say the developer did a good job. The Sharebar only appears to your visitors If they are browsing using a mobile device.

Just Like any Sidebar Plugin, you can customize it to show on Top of page,Bottom of page, Front page, Pages, Posts, Categories, Archives, Tags and Custom Post types. The settings of the plugin is quiet easy to follow.

Normally the Whatsapp share button shows on Iphones and Android Devices but you can force it to show on all devices by Clicking the "Show Everywhere " box as shown on the image above.

For Blogger and Other CMS You can easily add the Whatsapp share button to your blog by using the Whatspp sharing button tool, to generate a code and add it to your blog.
You can also easily customize the whatsapp share button to the size you want,text that will appear on sharing and also a custom url. Just follow the instruction as shown above,generate a code and embed on your blog or website.

There you have it, you have added whatsapp share button to your blog or website and I bet you, it will help double your mobile traffic.

I know that this post will really increase your mobile traffic. Also share this post to your friends on social media.


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