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D ownload whatsapp messenger from and also sign up whatsApp , Sign in or login whatsapp online by completing the online...

Download whatsapp messenger from and also sign up whatsApp, Sign in or login whatsapp online by completing the online whatsapp registration. Before we proceed, let us talk about the url ( is where you can download the newest/latest version of whatsapp messenger on your mobile devices free of charge.
Whatsapp Sign Up
Whatsapp messenger is a messaging application which is available to all mobile devices including the following:
  • Java
  • Whatsapp for Android
  • Whatsapp for Blackberry
  • Whatsapp for Windows Device
  • etc. is the url where you can easily download whatsapp messenger via the use of the internet. The downloaded whatsapp messenger is then synchronize to your mobile device which will help you keep in touch with your friends, family and loved ones. It is good to know that whatsapp is made available for free but after one year, you will need to upgrade or buy. 

How To Download whatsapp for PC Free And Configuration Settings

We know that the whatsapp website is and it’s the official url where you can download whatsapp mobile messenger to you mobile phone or tablet at no cost although there is a paid version of whatsapp is about $ 0.99 cent per annual download messenger works perfectly well with the newly released OS mobile platform and you can send and receive instant messages.

For an indept review of whatsapp mobile application you can look up at the review center for some of the users comments and observations.

How to Download Whatsapp.

From the /download site, you can download the latest version 2.12 of whatsapp,the main caption you will find is download , download whatsapp for blackberry, iPhone and windows phone, but the basic is that even with your device not listed among the above mentioned devices, you can still download whatsapp for free for your devices. Just read along for how to download whatsapp messenger.
  • For whatsapp apk log on to with your phone browser to download the whatsapp messenger free, avoid using browser like opera-mini or even the Uc web as those kind of browsers can not generate the whatsapp file. – Download Whatsapp Mobile Messenger For Free
  • Select your phone model from the list of available whatsapp enabled phones.
  • The minimum requirements which will show up in a new window will guide you on the basic software list. Eg OS version that works with your phone model for android devices.
  • Wait for the file to download and finally run and install the downloaded whatsapp messenger, finally allow the whatsapp to synchronies your contacts for a list of users on your contact list. 

Creating Whatsapp Account 

for this very category we are focusing on those that don’t have a whatsapp account profile yet.
  • First step involves installing and running the whatsapp messenger on your mobile phone
  • A whatsapp page should pop open requesting for your permission to agree to the whatsapp term of service
  • Click the agree tab and continue the whatsapp registration process, a box should open in a new window where you will e enter your mobile phone number.

Note: always provide an active phone number as a five digit code will usually be sent to your mobile phone for confirmation.

Enter the whatsapp five digit verification codes in the box provided. Click verify, now your whatsapp account has been created successfully. What you just need to do is to select your display profile name and bang that’s whatsapp for you.

Whatsapp has so far introduced various versions of the messenger with each of the previously version released having unique features which we will see in the course  of this post. 

Whatsapp Online Login

Whatsapp version 2.11(whatsapp web) 

This version was specially designed for pc ( computer) users, you can send and receive instant messages from the comfort of your computer browser, to get started on your laptop or desktop computer simply visit Download

Whatsapp tutorial is a post we’ve already covered on our previous post, hence, it is no news that whatsapp mobile messenger work perfectly for phone and Laptop Computers/PCs.

Whatsapp has added some really exciting features like the new whatsapp calling which could enable whatsapp users make unlimited minutes of whatsapp calls to other users on the website.

For PC users who have been who have been asking questions about how to get whatsapp for pc, you need to understand that whatsapp for mobile phone was originally the plan for the cooperation ,but there are some other means to get PC whatsapp through the aid of a bluestack which enables pc whatsapp work as a mobile messenger. To do this you need to download the whatsapp apk file, we have already written a step by step tutorial on how to use whatsapp for pc free.

Features of Whatsapp App

Whatsapp users SIM cards on their phone are basically their Whatsapp contacts. There’s really no need collecting Special codes(PIN) like Blackberry before you can get connected to your friends, family or loved ones.  Your mobile phone contacts is automatically synchronizes to your whatsapp which implies that you can start chatting immediately, provided your contacts are using Whatsapp as well.

Whatsapp Profile Picture

The whatsapp profile picture is more of a person customization feature just like other social media sites out there like facebook, and even myspace. Here you can get to change the picture you want on display. Its advisable to use a personal picture for easy identification as that’s what will be seen by all your friend and family on you whatsapp contact list. Similarly you can create and update status on your profile.

There is privacy setting for picture and status so that any thing you update at any time will be visible to every one on your contacts

Whatsapp Voice Calling you can record and send voice messages on whatsapp with a push to talk like button

Download Whatsapp Plus for Android

To Download WhatsApp Plus for Android, simply visit google play and search for Whatsapp Plus, and click on the App to install.

Whatsapp for iPhone

You are free to Download WhatsApp Messenger for iphone and enjoy it on the following iOS devices:
  • iPhone
  • Pad
  • iPod touch
It is also possible to download whatsapp for nokia java and symbian phone device by visiting the download url.

Whatsapp Offline Messages

You are always connected with contacts on whatsapp even when your device is switched off or you are not in a network coverage area, all messages sent to you will be saved so that you can retrieve it any time there a network service or data subscription eg Blackberry data plan

Other exciting feature of include whatsapp conversation backup, for more just read it up from whatsapp review center.

Okay I know you just want to download whatsapp messenger or you want to upgrade ( update) your whatsapp to the new version, you can follow the link below to download whatsapp for you device free

Visit on your web browser to download Whatsapp for blackberry. Whatsapp is also available for download on Blackberry through this link =>


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