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Download WhatsApp For Free & Upgrade for Samsung Phones

This article is  for those who have difficulties in upgrading WhatsApp or even download the free Whatsapp App for all Samsung galaxy and Samsung smartphones.
Day in – day out, Whatsapp download or whatsapp upgrade usually pop up. In this article, you'll learn how to Upgrade whatsapp for Samsung whether you are using Samsung galaxy or any other Samsung series, as long as it supports WhatsApp app. 
Just in case your Whatsapp is proving hard to upgrade, then you have to delete it from your phone at once. Now after you have done that follow this step below and download new version of Whatsapp, again. 

How to Download WhatsApp for all Samsung series – Free WhatsApp Download for Samsung

Your Samsung is a smartphone, it can also be regarded as an android phone, so Whatsapp is supported with it. And I want you to understand that all smartphones/android has “Google Play Store” where you download all application for free or by paying fee. The mistake some people does make is that they might not have login to the Google Play Store account (which means that you have to open a Google Gmail account), and they will just want to start downloading free apps like that. Here are the step below for Free WhatsApp Download for Samsung (or other android phones as well); Go to your phone menu click on the “Google Play Store” or “Play Store’ Might require Google account (like “”) and password. Enter your login ID and Password correctly Now follow other process by clicking “NEXT” to complete the process After that, your Google Play Store account will now open, on the search box above, click there and type “Whatsapp” The first application is the official whatsapp mobile application, so click it to start download. 

Then follow other step to complete download Lunch your whatsapp and start your whatsapp set up, by providing your mobile phone number, verify the phone phone number you are using (please note that if you had already set up/use whatsapp before and want to recover your contacts and chat history, then you have to use the same phone number to set-up the whatsapp) Now you have done all that is required of you. So enjoy your whatsapp chatting now… 

How to Upgrade WhatsApp for Samsung Smartphones 

In this case there are two (2) ways to carry it out. The first is going to your Google Play Store, search for whatsapp and automatically what you will see is “Update” click it and you are done with that. The second option to update is when you have tried every possible ways you known and not succeed, then you have to uninstall it by going to settings—>Apps management—->select whatsapp then click—–>uninstall. after doing that, you have to follow the process of downloading it which I have shown you above. Starting from “step 5” to complete your whatsapp download. 

I hope this information will be helpful this time. Please note that we are here to help you out on any problem you are facing on Free WhatsApp Download for Samsung or any other related problems or mobile phones. 

Use the comment box below to tell use what your challenges might be this time and you will get our feedback at once. Also use other share button by the side to share this information to others.

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