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Friday means a lot of things to a lot of people. Friday is considered by many as the beginning of weekend which is more reason why people tends to like this day.
Happy Friday Text Messages, Greetings, Wishes & Quotes SMS - 2016
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Yesterday I posted on best happy Thursday text messages and wishes that you can send to family and friends. TODAY (Friday 1st, April 2016), I will be sharing with you "Happy Friday Text Messages, greeetings, greetings & Quotes Sms" and by morrow, I will be sharing with you "best happy Saturday text messages, greetings, quotes, etc". Bookmark us today to visit us tomorrow.

Bellow are carefully selected Best Happy Friday Text Messages, greetings & Quotes Sms you can use to inspire someone this weekend.

Happy Friday Greetings, Wishes, Text Messages & Quotes Sms

  • Friday Means The Start Of The Weekend,
    Weekend Means Awesomeness,
    So Be Thankful That It Came,
    Happy Friday!

  • Forget The Hectic Week,
    Think About The Peaceful Days,
    Because Here Comes Friday,
    Just Have A Day Out And A Blessed Friday!
    Happy Friday!

  • I Wait For Fridays Like
    The Babies Wait For Cheese Cakes,
    So Eagerly,
    So Passionately,
    This Is My Innocent Way,
    Hope You Do The Same,
    Happy Friday!

  • Friday Means Peace Of Mind,
    Long Sleep,
    All Day Naps,
    Some Good Food And A
    Joyous Weekend Ahead..
    Happy Friday!

  • Fridays Are Hope For
    Peaceful Weekends,
    Calm Days Ahead..
    I Wish You Have A Very
    Calm Friday And Weekend Ahead..
    Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Quotes Sms, Greetings, greetings, Text Messages

  • Put On Some Extra Make Up,
    Wear Your Favorite Dress,
    Handle The High Heels,
    Because It’s The Last Day
    Then It’s A Weekend..
    Happy Friday!
  • Fortune Is Your Own
    But Greetings Are Mine,
    I Wish You Success,
    I Wish You Strengths,
    I Wish You Excel In Every Field Of Your Life,
    I Wish You End Up A Fabulous Friday.
    Happy Friday!
  • All Days Are Beautiful
    But Fridays Have Their Own Charm,
    You End Up The Work
    And Get A Weekend Surprise,
    Happy Friday!

  • Don’t Lose Hope,
    Don’t Take The Pressure.
    Just A Little More,
    Then Weekend For Sure,
    Happy Friday!

  • Have A Lighter Day,
    Have A Brighter Eve,
    Have A Blessed Night,
    May Your Day Be So Bright,
    Happy Friday!

  • He is the creator,
    and the originator and designer.
    Beautiful names belong to him.
    He is the Almighty – the wisdom.
    Happy Friday.

 Happy Friday Text Messages - 2016

  • He is the only God. And creator,
    and to start, and the designer.
    His beautiful names belong.
    He is the Almighty, Most Wise.
    Happy Friday.

  • Focus less on the work and more on their faith.
    Happy Friday.

  • Joy lamps can illuminate your life
    and Fill your days with the bright
    spark Peace and joy and goodwill.
    Happy Friday.

  • As the meeting last year and register
    for the month of Ramadan this year,
    I would send you want for Happy Friday.

  • Full of success, prosperity and happiness and joy.
    God may give them protection and good health.
    Happy Friday.

 Happy Friday Greetings & Quotes SMS - 2016

  • I am pleased to express my sincere
    wishes on this great month,
    and pray to Allah Almighty to do.
    Happy Friday.

  • This occasion is one of grace,
    Health and continued happiness.
    Please remember me in your prayers.
    Happy Friday.

  • They may be of “Ramadan”
    bring Peace and prosperity,
    Good health and wealth,
    and brighten your life forever.
    Happy Friday.

  • I am pleased to express my sincere
    wishes on this great month,
    And pray to Allah Almighty to
    do This occasion is one of grace,
    Health and continued happiness.
    Please remember me in your prayers.
    Happy Friday.

Remember to leave us with your comments below. Meanwhile Happy Friday

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