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You can now Join South African National Defence Force – SANDF Form 2016

Dreaming to Join South African National Defence Force (SANDF)? We will guide you on how-to-join SANDF. The Department of Defence are calling on the young, fit and healthy Citizens of the Republic of South Africa to join SANDF.

South African National Defence Force

This is inline with the Application for SANDF which is normally conducted once in a year. Though the whole citizens of South Africa, are usually communicated about the SANDF application form through newspapers as well as on Careers Portal website.

If any one wants to Join South African National Defence Force, he/she is advised to go now and obtain the SANDF form as the list of names are given between March – August for (First Selection) and then September – November for (Second Selection) called for interview and screening process.
How to Join South African National Defence Force

Through SANDF form are available to apply for.
You can Apply for Department of Defence
  • Click Here to Apply for SA Navy
  • Click Here to Apply for SA Airforce
  • Click Here to Apply for SAMHS 

Requirements for South African National Defence Force 2016

There is no much revealed requirements for SANDF, but any interested applicant have to note that you are make sure that atleast there is an.
Availability of a vacant post.
Medical fitness (applicants will have to undergo the prescribed SANDF military health examination).
Psychometric tests and appearance before a selection board
SANDF Selection Process

Applications complying with the minimum requirements will be subjected to further screening. Candidates identified will then be invited to partake in a selection process.

i. Psychometric evaluation: The aim is to assess the candidates aptitude and potential to develop in the position that was applied for, this depends on the position the applicant applied for.

ii. Selection Board (formal interview): A Selection Board is conducted so as to assess the applicants interest in the position he/she applied for, in the Defence Force in general.

Applicants should note that the formal interview will be focused basically on self- confidence, leadership potential and communication skills.

iii. Medical Evaluation: There will be a Medical evaluation done by appointed military medical practitioners in order to assess the applicants medical history and current medical status. After which applicants must be declared fit for military training before commencement.

iv. Criminal Records: Fingerprints of applicants will be sent to the Criminal Record Bureau for verification. Records of convictions will be evaluated based on the severity thereof and how recently the offence(s) occurred.

So after all the necessary screening from those who wants to Join South African National Defence Force, the Successful applicants will receive an offer of employment.

While those Candidates who are not successful will be informed by correspondence.

The official website of the Directorate Human Resource Acquisition of the SANDF can be found at

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