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20 Google Keywords to Boost Google Adsense RPM | Improve Adsense Earnings

Hi everyone, do you know that the surest way to boost your earnings (Adsense Publishers) is basically through increase of your Google Adsense RPM? Today we will see how to boost Google Adsense RPM through Keywords and Niche.
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20 Most Expensive PPC Keywords in Google Adwords 

Most Expensive Keywords for Bloggers to Boost Google Adsense RPMThe question today is “What are the High Adsense RPM niches or Keywords?”. After a couple of research online and contacting some high profile SEO and blogging experts on Blogger, Joomla and Wordpress, I was able to gather the below high RPM keywords since they were almost saying the same thing. I practically took time to search for these keywords on Google Adwords to confirm it truly before dishing it out. Success in your blogging career as you take time to choose what niche or keywords to blog on.
Most Recommended: Most Expensive Keywords for Bloggers to Boost Google Adsense RPM 
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Note: Increasing your RPM requires efforts, because you will need to understand the niche, subject or keyword for which you are writing on. Remember that you ain’t the only one who is interested in increasing your RPM. There are lots of SEO experts out there that you need to compete with. Bottom line is that you should try as much as possible in terms of SEO and let Google handle the rest of the optimization.

Top 10 Super Keywords to Increase Google Adsense RPMon Google Adwords

These are the Top 10 Most Expensive Keywords in Google Adwords that you may need to write on in order to boost your Google Adsense RPM:
  1. Insurance
  2.  Loans
  3. Mortgage
  4. Attorney
  5. Credit
  6. Lawyer
  7. Donate
  8. Degree
  9. Hosting
  10. Claim
Others Includes:

11. Conference Call
12. Trading
13. Software
14. Recovery
15. Transfer
16. Gas/Electricity
17. Classes
18. Rehab
19. Treatment
20. Cord Blood

The above is the highest cost per click keywords to Optimize your blog or website to compete for in order to Boost your Google Adsense RPM as well as improve your overall Adsense earnings. If you wish to start a blog on business related to the above keywords, know ye that your paid search marketing wallets will only need to suffer from Google Adwords charges.

Bottom line: While this keywords might increase publishers RPM and earnings, the advertisers may need to keep dishing out the dollar. After all, it will pay well on the long run.

The most expensive SEM keywords may be frustrating for those in the industries, but they are the best keywords for Google, who makes 97% of revenue from advertising on Google sites (AdWords, AdSense) says WordStream. In the last four quarters, the biggest player of search engine history brought in $32.2 billion in total advertising revenue.

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