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BlackBerry Leap Review And Specs


The BlackBerry Leap Review

BlackBerry Leap is a full-screen smartphone, which is a bit "unconventional" for BlackBerry devices. However, it proved to be quite successful even without the legendary QWERTY keyboard.
Even before the official sale, BlackBerry Leap sparked the interest among potential buyers, mostly younger generation of BlackBerry users. We are giving you a short review below, so that you can make your own choice of whether to buy this particular smartphone or not. Also, be sure to take a look on BlackBerry Leap prices on Jiji, the huge marketplace, where you can find almost anything you might ever need. The point is that due to high popularity of the website, you really get a great choice, lowest prices and best quality. And if you want to sell something, you can post your own ad absolutely free.
BlackBerry Leap Review

Blackberry Leap Design

We are accustomed to the fact that 5-inch devices have become a standard for the market and are considered rather compact, although a few years ago they were perceived quite differently. Compared to them the BlackBerry Leap looks a bit larger, its dimensions are 144x72.8x9.5 mm, weight -170 g. In terms of weight, the device is unreasonably heavy, you might expect that it has a lot larger battery. The device is quite comfortable, especially if you don't compare it to the models that have a similar screen.
BlackBerry Leap Review Display

BlackBerry Leap Display

5 inches display with a resolution of 720x1280 (294 ppi). The screen is readable in sunlight, and has traditionally good fonts. Good quality for this class. Someone may not like the lack of brightness, but it is typical for such products.

BlackBerry Leap Hardware platform, memory and performance

blackberry leap-screenshot music
BlackBerry traditionally uses Qualcomm chipset, here it is MSM8960, a rather old dual-core processor with a maximum frequency of 1.5 Ghz. By the standards of the world of Android, this is not very productive solution, but for BB10 it`s enough - everything works just great. 2 GB RAM. Internal memory 16 GB, and almost all of it is available to you. Also, you can use memory cards up to 128 GB.

BlackBerry Leap Camera

Main camera has a resolution of 8 Megapixels. Despite the fact that today many devices in this price category have got the cameras with resolution of 13 Megapixels, the quality of images taken on these cameras is not so good. But the shots taken on Leap are quite acceptable. Camera has a nice interface. These two facts tell us that users will rather like it than not. But you have to evaluate the possibilities of the camera in this price niche.

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