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How to change your Facebook ads currency to Local Currency

Hello Facebook advertisers, this post "How to change your Facebook ads currency to Local Currency" is going to guide you on how to change the billing currency (which is dollars by default) to your own local currency.

How to change your Facebook ads currency to Local CurrencyAlthough we have not really conducted research of how beneficial it is for Advertisers to advertise with local currency on Facebook but we do believe in trying.  This article is going to focus to Advertisers who already knows the importance of using local currencies.

Note: You are allowed to change the default currency which in this case is Dollar for Facebook ads in your Facebook Ads Manager if you don’t have a current balance once every 60 days.

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How do I change my preferred currency for payments

Payment methods available to advertisers primarily depends on Facebook ads currency  that you are using. My colleagues in work place told me they prefer transacting with their Naira currency.

If you are interested in changing your Facebook Ads currency to local currency, kindly follow my lead:
  • Visit  Facebook Account Settings in Ads Manager.
  • Under Time Zone, kindly click on “Change Currency / Timezone”.
  • From here, all you need to do is to select your new currency and time zone and then click Create New Account.

Things you must keep in mind When changing your currency

  • If your Facebook Business Manager account has several other accounts associated with it, then, it won’t be possible to change your Ad currency. All you have to do is create a new account from Business Manager with the new currency.
  • When you choose a new currency and time zone, you will need to create a new ad account. Your old ad account will be visible in the Account drop-down in the top left of your Ads Manager, but it’ll be closed and all ads created with your old account will stop running. Any ads you had running on the old ad account will be billed in the old currency.

  • The payment methods available to you is dependent upon the currency you choose.

Which currencies are accepted for Facebook ads?

Almost all recognized currencies are accepted for Facebook Ads

Currency Units, Time Zones Can Now Be Changed In Facebook Ads?

Yes, currency units and Time Zones can be changed for Facebook adverts.

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