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How to open free paypal account in Nigeria

How to create free paypal account in Nigeria: To open a new paypal account for whatever international transaction all you need is to follow the steps highlighted below:
  • Visit the Paypal website
  • Click Sign Up
  • Choose whether you are creating an individual account or a business account
  • Enter all required information on the sign up form provided
  • Click Agree and Create Account
After clicking on agree, connect a card to your newly created paypal account. This will be the primary billing method for your account. Which implies that when you buy things online using Paypal, the resulting charges will be billed to the card you connect to your account.
How to open free paypal account

You will however need to verify that this card you have connected belongs to you. This will help avoid all instances of suspected fraud or you trying to game the system. The process is simple, a one time refundable charge of $1.99 will be billed to the account to prove that its yours. The transaction will in turn generate a 4 digit code in the alert your bank will send to your phone. After you have received this alert, simply sign in to your new Paypal account and click the verify button. You will then be required to enter the verification code after which all your accounts limitations will be lifted. You will then be able to carry out transactions in high amounts if you require.

Sign up for Paypal today and enjoy all the benefits of owning a Paypal account. It is completely free.
Important Advice

It is very important to avoid using your Paypal account from multiple computers that do not belong to you as well as devices with very various IP addresses. 
When Paypal notices activity from too many different locations/ IP addresses on your account they usually just enforce a limitation on your account and maybe send you an email. You best believe it would be difficult to get your account in good standing after that. We have performed a test with this, and the results were horrifying. You will make calls to Paypal for hours and your account will still be limited. If you are in a situation where you have managed to ignore this advice and your account keeps getting limited, the best and only viable solution will be to close your Paypal account and start over.

The steps we listed will help you sign up for a new Paypal account in just minutes from any computer or phone any where in Nigeria. It is quite simple and straight forward too. Leave a comment below if you need help with anything or have any further questions.

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