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Opera Mini Download | Download Opera Mini for Android

Opera Mini Download | Download Opera Mini for Android – This post will guide you on how to download  the Latest Opera Mini for your Android devices and smartphones v17.0.2.

One of the interesting features of using an android device is that, it consumes quite a lot of data especially when browsing with browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome.
Opera Mini for Android browser on the other hand minifies your data usage with rich features and with their most recent Ads Blocker add-on.

Features of Opera Mini for Android Browser v17.0.2

The new and improved Opera Mini comes with rich features that can actually compete with the likes of UC Browser, Safari, Firefox and Chrome.
Opera mini comes with it peculiarities and features which makes it quite unique when compared to other browsers.
Saves Data – One of the rich features of Opera Mini is the fact that, it saves data. Opera mini has a setup which minimises webpages and as such, saves you tons of data.

This is one of the main reasons why this browser is loved by all.
Speed – Opera Mini is very fast, it has a feature which loads images in small, medium or high resolutions. This is a great improvement as it determines your load time.
Default Search Google and Wikipedia (Web, Images, Video, News) – The new improved Opera Mini browser for Android comes with a default search engine (Google and Wikipedia).
You can decide to search through the Web, Images, Videos or News right from the opera mini search box.

Ads blocking – One of the features which Opera Mini recently adds.
Downloads – This is one of the spot on the new opera Mini v17.0.2 where all your downloaded and downloading files are sent to.

How to Download Opera Mini for Android

Getting the latest Opera Mini downloaded on your android devices is quite easy. All you need to do is search for the Official ‘Opera Mini’ by Opera Communication on Google Play or Click here.

Opera Mini Settings – Tips and Setups on v17.0.2
Below are some of the things you can get done under the opera mini setting page.
App Layout – Under page layout, you get 3 options to choose from. These includes classic, phone or tablet mode.

Theme Colour – Opera Mini now has more colourful themes which includes Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Grey and Black.
Night Mode – This setting on Opera Mini v17.0.2 reduces Eye Strain.
Facebook Notification – You can also Signin to Facebook and get instant notifications from the social network.
Data saving – Opera Mini v17.0.2 comes with different measures to save data. This includes changing your Image Quality between Low, Medium and High.

Signin to Opera Mini – Just as seen on UC Browser and Firefox, you can actually signin to opera Mini and have access to your bookmarks anywhere!

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