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Viber App download for Android | Download Viber & Sign up

Viber App download for Android | Download Viber & Sign up – Viber app is a messaging tool for all mobile devices Unveiling Viber app for android is what makes so happy. For past month, we’ve been displaying some Android applications to make communications between your friends, family and loved ones more interesting.
Viber App download for Android | Download Viber & Sign upSee: Top-50-most-installed-android-apps-on-Google-Playstore

We have discussed: Death-moto-3-free-racing-game-for-android- and-BlackberryDownload-Google-chrome-windows-android-linux-ios and many more.

Today, I'll be reviewing Viber for Android.

Viber for android comes with lots of great packages which is outlined in this review. 

Download Viber App for Android and Sign up

Before you download Viber app for your android device, lets look at its features.

Features of Viber App for Android Before Sign up

Viber app is very Fast 

One of the difference between Viber app for Android phones and other messsengers is the speed.

Viber is App Free

Viber can substitute your default phone messaging platform but without a cost! All you need is an internet connection via data or Wi-Fi.

This can be used on your Android smartphones, android tablets and gadgets

Send Videos and Images for free  on Viber

On Viber, you can send images, videos and SMS, recorded voice audios and even your location!

Viber has Stickers 

They are an avenue of sharing our emotions, feelings and thoughts with an illustrative image. This feature also spices up your chat sessions.

Delete Sent Messages

One if the feature of Viber for Android that is quite thrilling is that, you can actually delete a sent message!

Group chat of 200 contacts

You can initiate a group chat and add up to 200 participants as you discuss issues that really matters on Viber.

Unlike the normal method of just sending group messages, you can actually respond to messages in the group by liking them! Just like you have it on Facebook group.

Encrypted Chats – To prevent against 3rd parties accessing your sent files, Viber for android uses end-to-end encryption as seen on Whatsapp 2.12 on it’s platform. You are guaranteed of safety when using Viber on android devices.

Viber Download for Android sign up and Login

Viber sign up on android is quite easy and swift. The method of Viber signup and login is quite fascinating.

You don’t need to go through the long process of setting up a username or logins.

All you need is to activate your mobile number and get all your contact list immediately synchronized.

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Search for viber app on Google Play store or visit www.viber. com and download the app to your phone/tablet.


Thank you for this great review, I also use viber app for chatting. I love viber app but I don't iOS have it. Do they?

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