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Deleting Facebook Profile | How to Delete My Facebook Account?

Deleting Facebook Profile | How to Delete My Facebook Account?: Well, this is specially composed for the interest of those who are currently fade up using Facebook.
Reason for wanting to quit from Facebook spans from hacking, Facebook profile hijacking, Identity theft, poor privacy management, retirement from Facebooking, and so on and so forth. For persons who are ready to quit Facebook, this how you go about deleting the account.
Deleting Facebook Profile

How to Delete Facebook Account | Delete Facebook

Facebook can be annoying at times or infiltrated to make you look stupid among your family, friends, clients, etc. If you simply want to delete facebook account because you just want to retire from it; you should take the following steps to permanently delete the account:

  • To permanently delete your Facebook account log into the Delete Account page here:
  • Click ‘Delete my account’ A
  • You can as well decide to temporarily deactivate Facebook in Settings, Security, Deactivate your account.
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Great.. I was able to delete my Facebook account

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