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Google Account Recovery


Have you been trying to recover your Google Account recently? If that is true then you must know that it's tougher hence, this guide is recommended for you to learn How to recover Google account with ease.
Google Account Recovery

How to Google Account Recovery

Because we do not like long tutorial, we won't make this one long. We'll keep it simple and straight to the point. The problem occurs on Gmail login page i.e if you try accessing the Gmail account with wrong password or incorrect email. To recover your Google account, all that is required of you is to first of all follow this link:
If the login shows that you are entering the incorrect password then you need to go to Need Help? Then, choose the options given (I forgot my password, I don’t know my password etc.)

Options for Google Account Recovery

Follow the instructions provided by Google account recovery portal which will eventually provide you with three recovery options:
  • Get a verification code sent to your mobile device.
  • Request a password reset e-mail to be sent to your recovery account.
  • Proceed to the Google Account Recovery Form. Look for a “Verify your identity” link if the other options don’t work.

Function of each Google Account Recovery Options

If you select the first option, i.e. verification code to be sent to your mobile device, you will receive a code in your device and you will be redirected to next page where you must enter the code received in your mobile device. Then, you will be asked to enter the new password. After this, you will be directed to your Gmail account page.

If you choose the next option, which is requesting a password reset link to be sent to your recovery account (alternate email address which you provided while creating a new Gmail account), you will get an email with the reset link in your alternate address. When you click on that link, you will be redirected to the page where you can change your password.

In some conditions, if your neither have access to your phone nor your alternate email, just don’t panic because there is another Google Account Recovery option, where you can get the account recovery form just by verifying your identity. It includes the security questions you answered while creating your Gmail account and if you provide the same answers which you answered before, then you will be identified as the genuine account holder and you can proceed to resetting your Gmail password.

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Pretty simple eh? we are more than confident that you will be able to recover your account and if by any unfortunate circumstance you could not recover your Google account, kindly reach us through the comment section.

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