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The Ultimate Guide to Aptoide - 99.9% Complete Review of Aptoide MarketPlace

Do you wants to know about Aptoide app, its features and how it works to make Android users happier and even more loyal? Go no further as I take you on this 99.9% complete Aptoide App review. On this webpage, I'll be sharing with you some vital information about Aptoide that you may not find anywhere else on the internet, so I advise you to pull your cushion closer, sit and relax as I give you a first hand information as regards to this amazing and marvelous app.
Once again, you are highly welcome to my blog where I share information about great apps like APTOIDE APP


Before I proceed, lemme believe that you already know about this incredible app, but should in case my believe fails me, Aptoide app is more like another Google Play store with unique apps, games, etc ready for download, you can download as much as you want all from the app. Now, you ask me what's the difference or why do you need Aptoide app when there's play store already? Okay, to answer that question; I'll start by asking you this question "Why are you on Facebook and also on Twitter?" the all have the same goal which is connecting people but with a different routes to achieving that same goal. The route by which Aptoide takes in this sense is that users don't get to create an account before they can download any app which is very much unlike Google play store where users must have to create or sign up gmail account and use it to sign in for play store before they'll be granted access to downloads.  Let's quickly jump to read my 99.9% complete review about this app that does not require sign up and sign in processes. 

Aptoide App

First and foremost, I want you to know that Aptoide is an alternative Android marketplace for Google Play. This implies that if you are using any Android device, you can access this Application store right on your device without redirects and unnecessary sign. Also know that the file extension appears as result of APT (Advance Packaging Tool) and it appears to some users as Aptoid. Aptoide apk is a Debian package manager + "oide" - As you can see "oide" is the last syllable of andrOIDE
Aptoide earliest version came into light in 2009 as an independent Android Marketplace where anybody on any android device can stop to pick and download any app they want at the market. The aptoid apk is a free application platform for publishers and developers of applications, always endeavour to check it out when next you have plans of downloading any new app on your devices i.e both on Android or on PC. Do you know that in the year 2011, Aptoide was incorporated as a by-product of CM Software? Yea, it was incorporated as a by-product of CM software which is a well known Open Source Company. By now, you start wondering and thinking of why it was launched in the first place! It was launched because they a wanted a platforms that offers the best of Android applications including but limited to games and cool stuffs that makes android users more happier.

Publishers and developers of Aptoide Apps

Download Aptoide Latest Version for Android and PC

Do you know that Aptoide is having a fair market share with the almighty play store? Mind you... I'm not saying they are better or having more users, what I mean is that they are growing very fast as a result of their mouth watery offers including their ability to give best features and user friendly interface. Aptoide is in deed getting a top competitor of play store because of th above stated reasonssss. So what are you waiting for? This review will cut across everything you need to know about APTOIDE FOR ANDROID or APTOIDE DOWNLOAD FOR PC as the case may be. Since, we are talking about Aptoide app, it's okay to note that Aptoide app is the best alternative to play store, so if you are an app developer or publisher and you are hoping to publish your apps on best android platforms, Always remember that there's Aptoide

Aptoide App - best alternative to Google play store

Aptoide - best alternative to google play store
As rightly said in the introductory section of this article, Aptoide is an app which offers you some best features with a bit similarity to Adroid/Google play store. This review will show you how to download aptoide for android or how to download aptoide apk for PC. Before then, I'll be sharing with you some of the cool features that Aptoide has that may get you stick to it. When I'm sure that you've really understand how this app works, I won't be surprise when the download rate of Aptoide store will spike up. As you must have noticed, there's no tricks involved here, all you need to do is to go ahead and get download aptoide installer and start your installation. After installation, you are on your way to getting unlimited free downloads on the go.

Brief Aptoide Review

Aptoide allows publishers and developers from all streams to create their products and apps and also manage their Android store. After short period of time, customers and patriots could find a significant change as regarding usability and the design interface. The terms and conditions set up by the company lured developers from all around the globe to set up their apps in the marketplace and sell them. In this write up, you'll find out everything there's to know about aptoide apk e.g What is Aptoide? What are features of Aptoide? and how can one download aptoide for android and PC?  If indeed, you are intersted in this fantastic app, then you should read down to see the full review and to get answers to above questions. Lets look it up together... Note: if at any point you want to contribute or ask questions concerning this app, kindly do so by using the comment box below.

Launching a marketplace which is in direct competition with the tech giant Google was a bold decision by its founders because as we all know the current market share of Android is 61.92% which they are currently getting a fair share of. This decision also gave them a free limelight in the media and the users were almost enticed to use the aptoide apk for at least once. The idea was appreciated by the Android Community all around the globe which has now resulted in its huge success and thus Aptoide is now the second most famous Android marketplace after Google Play store. Isn't this amazing? I hope you now understand what aptoide is all about and I assure you to get everything about aptoid apk and aptoid before I totally conclude on this review. Just after this short note I'm about to give you on Aptoide, we'll quickly move to discussing in full detail what Aptoide app and Aptoide is really all about. We'll also hammer on what aptoid apk is. You'll definitely be happy that you got to know Aptoide on time while others are still struggling with Google play store... for a once, just try something new. Oh! lest i forgot, that's why Trump won the USA election in 2016... the Americans just wanted to try something new - oops! I didn't mean to bring in politics. Sorry!

So What Is Aptoide?

After this much talk in writing, what do you think Aptoide is in one sentence? As we already know, Aptoide is a market place for Android and PC users and the closest substitute to Google play store. It's actually the best alternative to play store with cool and nice features plus dope user interface design. Without alternatives such as Aptoide, Google play store will become a monopoly which in all ramification is bad because there's no competition and so they have the final say and that's all. Alternative service and products are so vital especially in technology no one gets to detect to everyone. Before the emergence of Aptoide marketplace, we usually use Google play store to download our apps or games but now is the time we need to try  something new.  Thee good news today is that you've gotten the closest substitute for good downloads. 

Why You should Start Using Aptoide for download Right now

Aptoide is a great app which users can use to download apps and games just like the normal play store but the mind blowing fact you should know is that apart from it's cool UI (User Interface) and features, It does NOT require high speed internet connection before you can download. You can access this app even with as small as 2G network. Most developing and under developed nations around the world with slow and poor internet connection can take advantage of this. Aptoide is one of the greatest gift given to us by the Aptoide community to help curb some of the problems we are having with the Android play store owned by Google. If you don't have a google account or email id, you don't have to bother your self, just ride on and start your free downloads besides Aptoide has one of the most coolest feature you can get from any market besides play store though. You can also read more reviews on Aptoide by coming back to this blog... I ensure to write on any cool thing i notice about aptoide because it gives me more  joy seeing and watching t grow at this speed. Articles are written both on Aptoide iOS and Aptoide Beta Version... all you need do is to stay tuned as I update you with latest happenings around Aptoide. The app is available for every platforms including but is not limited to iOS, Windos, Mac, Android.

Features of Aptoide

I've talked so much about this fantastic app which implies that in one way or the other I've also mentioned her cool features. In this section, I'll be reviewing in number list the cool features of Aptoide... just chill as I take you there... you'll definitely get an idea of what it really is after reading the list below. Believe me you, after reading through this features of aptoide, you'll be force to start downloading in their marketplace.

10 Aptoide Features that is breathe taking 

Features of Aptoide
  • The biggest feature of the Aptoide Marketplace is that all the applications on this marketplace are available absolutely for free. This very much unlike Google play store where almost all the interesting apps and games are being sold.
  • It currently has more than 64000 apps that are created by some of the most talented developers and publishers.
  • The App APK file is available for all versions of the Android.
  • You can use it on both smartphones and tablets.
  • The editors give all popular products from games to important applications an adequate rating.
  • Users get notified about an update instantly through the main interface of the application.
  • Premium users can create their shop and sell their applications in the marketplace.
  • It is written in JAVA which offers high security and protection from malware attacks.
  • It is offered under GPU i.e. general public license which gives you the rights to download the app for free and freedom to run, study, share and modify the app.
  • It is available in 17 languages.

As I earlier said, Aptoide is amazing and I also want to believe that you love this cool fetaures I stated above because the above features is just a tip of the iceberg compared to what Aptoide really offers. Try and give it a try because I'm so sure that a trial will surely convince you and in that sense I'm so sure that you'll find more interesting apps than you ever imagine... This is the reason reviewers calls it the best alternative to Google play store.

Aptoide apk is your best marketplace installer you can ever install in recent time. Aptoide is one of the best alternatives to play store, and it is truly speaking, it is offering some best features that can make this app best alternative to Google play store. I hope by now that you've convinced yourself to like these features of aptoide apk that I took 12 hours to write. So as I've told  you before now, Aptoide app is the best app for all your downloads including games and or apps, then to enjoy this app you have to download it. But before you over to start the download, allow us to show you how to download this aptoide app so that you don't waste more time navigating or finding out things all by yourself. I'm here to help you solve all those wahala (problem) inugo? (have you heard me?) so after telling you about its features, this is the right moment for me to show you how to download aptoide for Android, Mac, iOS and Windows. Have a good time following this "How to download" steps:

How to download Aptoide APK For Android

How to download Aptoide APK

After the brief review we had concerning Aptoide and Aptoide apk, this is just another section which I am going to be sharing with you the easiest guide of how you can download  Aptoide for your Android, be it phone or a tablet. I am so so sure that you will be able to download this fantastic app unto your Android smartphone and or tablets for easy download.

Your Ultimate Guide to Download and install Aptoide Marketplace. 

What are we waiting for? lets get it started and straight to the main point of downloading Aptoide and installing Aptoide on Android devices
Quick Note: This application (Aptoide App) is not available on Google Marketplace.... wondering why is so? then lemme ask you "If you were Google Pay store would you give your competitor a link? or in general would someone give its competitors link?.  Just like this article that I'm writing, I won't dare give any-how backlinks to any-how website so they don't over rank my website.
Well, back to the matter, you don't need to worry yourself even if it's not on Play Store because you are at the best place where you will hear and learn directly from the Oracle of Aptoide - the oracle is about to show you everything there's to know about downloading Aptoide on Android devices and everything there's to know about Aptoide Apk. Continue reading below articles to see the download link of Aptoide installer. This tutorial guide will show you a step by step procedure to download and install both on Android and on PC perfectly.

Follow the steps below to Download Aptoid APK  for Android and PC

You just need to be careful enough to follow the steps provided in this post, click on the link to download aptoide apk to your Android devices, or you can download aptoide apk manually through my guideline that I'm sharing with you this very moment. Note: I'll try my best to update this post once I notice any slight changes in the Aptoide download procedures. If you notice any changes or you want to make a recommendation, suggestion or opinion concerning this topic... do so by adding it as a comment and I'll make sure to update the post to fixed your issue or add your suggestion in the updated post. I am trying my best to make this post worthy of reading and easy to follow so you can successfully download and install this fantastic app given to the Android community free of charge. I hope you'll like this guidelines as it will simplify the problem proffer solution to Aptoide downloads problems. What then are you waiting for? scroll down to see the steps involved:

Steps to download Aptoide and Installation Process

First and foremost, it's worth noting that Aptoide App is a third-paty app, so what is required of you now is to follow the underlying steps below to change your settings in order to be able to install non-Google play store App. To change the settings:
  • On your device (smartphone or tablet), go to:
  • Settings 
  • Security 
  • Click on "Unknown Resources"
  • OK 
  • Download
What this means is that; on your Android settings = > Security => Unknown Resources => Ok => Proceed to download.

Downloading Aptoide Apk 

Once you are done with the setting, it's then that you can proceed to download your Aptoide  marketplace unto your device.

Step 1: First and foremost  Click Here to download Aptoide APK
Step 2:  Download -> Tap on the Aptoide APK file to install it on your Smartphone (Get Aptoide lite for low end device).
Step 3: When you have successfully the Aptoide Apk, an icon will appear on the home screen. Click on it to see the latest apps and other products in the marketplace.
Step 4: That's all on installation for Android device.
Wow! Writing this long article concerning Aptoide app and apk is really tiring, I hope my efforts won't be in vain as I strongly believe you are following this tutorial. After sharing everything about Aptoide for android I want you to know that there's room for comment in case you are confused or you have problem not solved in this tutorial. Use the comment box below. 
Permit me to believe that you have carefully followed my instructions and that you've successfully downloaded this aptoide market place so that I can move on to showing you how to download Aptoide App on PC. Aptoide App still remains the best alternative to Ggoogle playstore. 
Next, I'll be sharing with you all the requirements needed for you to completely install Aptoide App on your machine (PC). Aptoide for pc is really cool too, lets go and check it out together. Aptoide download for PC is pretty easy to install too; trust me you will love it.

Download Aptoide for PC easily.

Developer actually developed this app to serve as the best alternatives to Google play store, that's why so many users out there are craving for it. There is no doubt about the number of Apps and games available on Google play store, I agree that it has more apps than I can ever imagine right now but the issue is that it needs a very high speed internet connection for a user to easily access. Secondly, they require an official Google account  before a user can start download.... not so many people wants to waste their time creating account and being monitored for each specific download they have download. Trust me on this, there's nothing as cool and sweet and interesting as freedom to do anything without being put under surveillance. On the other hand, aptoide doesn't require you to login with any accoun. You are free to use this app and store as many app as you want easily with as poor as 2G internet connections.  
I think and believe that it's the best app for us to download some coolest apps and games, so now folks let's have a look at this easy tutorial to download aptoide apk for your PC. After getting our first hand information or should I call it the best tutorial on how to download Aptoid apk for android, Next in line, I'll be sharing with you virtually everything and every steps necessary to download Aptoid for pc or how to install Aptoid APK for PC
If you want to really enjoy this fantastic app on your PC then you have to read this tutorial line by line to successfully achieve 
installation of this Android marketplace on your PC. Let's get started immediately

NB: The application works just in a similar way for PC as it works for an Android smartphone and tablets. In this case, all you need is to go get an emulator; an emulator is a software which provides the same environment as an Android smartphone on PC. The most highly recommended of all the available emulators on the internet is the BLUESTACKS emulator. Go ahead to download and install Bluestacks onto your PC, after which you follow the same procedures you use in activating Aptoide on your Android smartphones. Don't worry, the procedure is not too tedious, it's pretty much same as that of a smartphone installation. Downloading and installing Aptoide on your PC is not a big deal, anyone with ability to read this guide can easily download and install this app to their computers. Have patience to carefully follow these underlying steps to get Aptoide on your device.

Steps to download Aptoide for PC

  • Step 1: Download Aptoid APK for PC
  • Step 2: Run the emulator Bluestacks on your PC.
  • Step 3: Open the Aptoide APK file like you did for your smartphone.
  • Install it and run the application to see the marketplace consisting of the latest apps and products.
  • Step 4: That's it; you are ready to go with this amazing app store for all basic to advanced apps in the market.
After reading this easy guides  on how to download this fabulous app to your Android devices and on your personal computer, you now know that with Aptoide App you can download any app or game free of cost and no hidden charge. Without wasting more time, just go and download aptoide in your PC or on your Android smartphone as the case may be.

Aptoide apk

Aptoide apk is a free app apk which offers fantastic applications free of charges. It allows developers and publishers to set up their individual marketplace so that developers can develop and sell their products online. Aptoide APK also provides a rich and smooth interface to design and sell the applications on its marketplace.
Jeez! Have I told you that Aptoide exist in so many countries around the world? no, I've not - Aptoide is available in countries like Cuba and China where Google Marketplace is not available (Due to political reasons). This is a good point why you should trust this marketplace because countries like China which is well known for technological advancement also publishes their Apps on this store. On a personal ground, I think Aptoide is more amazing than it appears because they provides you with some great facilities and much easier than play store. You do not need to create an email id nor sign up before you can use the app. Now you know everything about this amazing app then now you have to go and download aptoide for you pc or android device.
I would like to inform you before hands that should try as much as possible to download aptoide apk by using the procedures I provide you in this guide reason being that Google play store has removed the original Aptoide from their play store. Even after the removal, you still find fake Aptoide app on Google Play which will not give you all the cool features listed in this Ultimate guide.  So now we want to say thanksA big thank you for visiting my blog, I hope to see you sometimes in the nearest future. Before I say the final thank you, you may want to proceed to read the remaining section of this guide. The remaining section of this Ultimate Guide to Aptoide includes people opinions, web review and frequently asked questions plus answers. I believe the above features are enough to describe how marvelous Aptoide really is. You should endeavor to download, install and enjoy the best of the Android Marketplace all for free.

Is it safe to Use Aptoide?

In the cause of this review, I found my way around Youtube; I watch and found out some cool and interesting questions about Aptoide marketplace of which this one here "Is it safe to use Aptoide?" is one of them. Quickly, you can click to see this video to see what the CEO of Aptoide said about this question; here you go:

FAQ's of Aptoide

What is Aptoide? 

Aptoide is an Android Marketplace much like the Play Store of Google. The main difference with the Play Store is Aptoide is distributed that means there is not one and centralized store. Here each user can manage its own app store. 

What is Aptoide Android?

Aptoide is a distributed marketplace for mobile applications which runs on the Android operating system. In Aptoide, unlike the default Google Play Store, there is not a unique and centralized store but each user manages their own store.

Is Aptoide a virus? 

Aptoide is safe but be careful with the apps downloaded from it. Aptoide is safe however users upload apps to Aptoide's stores, any apps that you download from Aptoide should have a green shield with a check mark (meaning they have no viruses). If they do not, it means that they haven't been scanned for viruses.

How do you install Aptoide? 

Follow the steps below to install Aptoid:      
  • Go to the Settings menu. 
  • Select "Security"     
  • Tick "Unknown sources" checkbox.     
  • Then tap OK.     
  • You can now install Aptoide.

How do you delete Aptoide? 

  • Install the specific app again via Aptoide.     
  • Go to Updates tab and then press+hold to uninstall.

Wikipedia: According to Wikipedia view point of Aptoide, Aptoide is a distributed marketplace for mobile applications which runs on the Android platform. Unlike Google play store, Aptoide has no unique or any centralized store but rather, each publisher/developer manages their own store distinctly.
At the meantime Aptoide has several versions of her App which includes but not limited to the following: 
  • Aptoide for smartphones and tablets
  • Aptoide TV - an edition for smart TVs and STBs
  • Aptoide Kids - developed for children devices. 
  • Recently, Aptoide launched a VR App Store.
Aptoide provides a B2B solutions which permits her partners to manage their own app store in an autonomous and customized way. This is very much unlike Google play store.
The Android application used by Aptoide to access the stores is open source, and there are several forks such as F-Droid The communication between the client and servers is done using an open protocol based on XML.

The Aptoide concept is believed to have been inspired by the APT packaging manager, which usually works with multiple sources. If there's any need that the user wants a package, Aptoide then uses the client to search for sources where the application is stored.
The name Aptoide is formed from the words "APT" (the Debian package manager) and "oide" (the last syllable of "Android").
Aptoide platform is said to be available in over 40 languages, having reached more than 97 million users in 2015 and 2.8 billion downloads. In the various Aptoide stores you can find at least 700,000 Android apps stored there for users to download... all for free.

History of Aptoide

Aptoide started as a proposal of Paulo Trezentos at the 2009 Caixa Mágica Summer Camp. The proposal was accepted and later became what today is Aptoide. This first stage of development was later developed in the scope of SAPO Summerbits.
The idea behind Aptoide came from different sources. On one hand, the research in Linux installers in Mancoosi European Project, Paulo Trezentos PhD project and Portugal Telecom A5 phone, project where the team participated.

In the end of 2010, it was launched in the Bazaar Android site. Bazaar Android provided the possibility for the users to create their own store. In August 2012, Aptoide and Bazaar Android brands were merged to allow a better communication.
In November 2011, Aptoide was incorporated in Europe.

In 2013, Aptoide received a total of 750.000 euros in seed funding from Portugal Ventures.
In 2015, the company secured a Series A financing round of 3,7 million euros (4 million dollars), lead by german venture capital firm with co-investment from Gobi Partners (China) and Golden Gate Ventures (Singapore). The investment has slowed Aptoide to grow its team, currently having over 60 employees.

In 2014, Aptoide filed an European Union Antitrust complaint against Google, claiming that Google creates obstacles for users to install third-party app stores, links essential services with Google Play (thus blocking, again, these third-party app stores), and blocks access to Aptoide websites in its Chrome Web browser. 
In May 2015, Aptoide announced that it would start its operations in Asia by opening an office in Singapore.

Aptoide Description

Android client

Aptoide client allows one to search, browse and install applications in the Android phone. Aptoide is available in 17 languages.
To install Aptoide the user has to retrieve the APK (installable file) from the official site or other source in the Internet. The installation is not available through Google Play Store due to 4.5 Non-compete clause of Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement. This is the same clause that blocks Amazon Appstore application to be available through Google Play. The installation of Aptoide requires users to allow the installation from "Unknown sources" in Android settings.

After the installation of Aptoide, the user can add stores (repositories). Besides the default store (Apps), many other are available from different stores. When a store is added using the URL of the store, Aptoide retrieves the list of the applications and stores it locally. The user can then browse in the applications or search in the Internet for other stores.
In June 2011, it was released Aptoide Uploader as a "sister" application from the same development team. Aptoide Uploader is an Android app that allows users to upload to an existent Aptoide store.

Aptoide uploader uses the available Aptoide Webservices to upload the application. The submitted APK file is kept in the user's store where the users can manage and customize to their taste. Any user that wants to backup their apps to a private store, it is advisable to use Aptoide Apps Backup. Aptoide Apps backup helps to keeps a record of the apps that are backed up. All Apps and games in stores are managed using a backoffice in Aptoide site.

Aptoide Apps Backup uses the webservices to upload the APK file to the store. To know what applications are already backed up, Aptoide Apps Backup uses the info.xml XML file available in the store.

Aptoide Interfaces

Communication between Android client applications and the store is done using a XML file called info.xml. This file lists the applications in the store as well the basic information about each application available. Info.xml is open and a detailed definition is available.

Part of info.xml

There are other two XML files: 
  • extra.xml and 
  • stats.xml.
Extra.xml contains additional information about the apps such as the full description. The file "stats.xml" contains the downloads and likes of the available applications.

Aptoide usage as reported by Wikipedia is as  follows:
Version   Date Reg. users #Stores Diff.apps Cum.
V8 October 2016              NA    200,000           660,000          2.7 B
6.5.2 July 2015 100,000,000         140,000 330,000 1580 M
6.3.0 April 2015
136,000 311,000 1424 M

126,000 275,000 1276 M
5.0.0 20 March 2014

4.1.3 22 July 2013 1,300,000 350,000 120,000 380 M
4.0.0 4 December 2012 500,000 170,000 50,000 150 M
2.7.1 2 August 2012 200,000 88,000 65,000 60 M
2.7 19 June 2012 107,000 62,000 43,000 44 M
2.6.2 April 2012 82,000 51,000 34,000 32 M
2.6.1 2 March 2012 57,000 36,000 19,000 22.9 M
2.6 20 January 2012 42,000 27,100 16,000 17.4 M
2.5.4 22 December 2011 34,000 22,200 13,400 14 M
2.5.3 2 November 2011 21,000 13,300 9,400 9.1 M
2.5.2 22 September 2011 14,800 10,300 7,700 6.8 M
2.5.1 22 June 2011 6,800 3,500 4,000 2.1 M
2.5 3 June 2011 5,300 1,200 3,100 2 M
2.4.1 May 2011 3,700 1,600 2,000 1.5 M

Aptoide Apk The Ultimate Guide on Aptoide App

Aptoide Apk - You have learnt how to Download Aptoide Apk and have gotten insight about Aptoide Download. Aptoide Apk Download is very easy and fast to implement. For this, you will need to just carefully read the above guide in full. Looking at the internet, you cannot find even a single marketplace that competes bumper to bumper with Google Play Store. There's certainly no such app that can compete with the tech giant (Google) in the internet world. This is the reason why Aptoide has been so successful because it's actually taking a fair share of the Play store users. Aptoide is a very tough and powerful competitor to play store.

Aptoide is the best apk download websites where users can go to find and download lots of apps, reason being that everyone can't afford to buy apps. Personally the kind of world I envisage is the world where everything is free and even people who has little will be able to live very comfortable. Sincerely speaing, not everyone can afford to pay for using a game or app. Play Store charges money for using some apps but in the case of Aptoide, no single money is charged because the developers are aware that there are people who doesn’t have the money to pay. It’s purely free without any hidden cost atached - this is one good reasons why it's so popular.

Also, you will get millions of apps and games for free without any hidden cost. And for all this, you don’t even need an account (But you can open if you like). Yea, you heard it right. All you need to do is just have an internet connection and then download Aptoide App for free. Once you have downloaded.

But if you are facing problem to descargar aptoide then too don’t worry this post is massive. It gonna be an all-in-guide for Aptoide Apk related facts and issues.

The best part of Aptoide which I love the most is that even with the 2G connection it can run whereas Play Store need a 3G connection to load.

About Aptoide Apk

Aptoide App launch years ago had created a long lasting effect in the world and is also preferred as the best alternative for Play Store. It has an awesome layout of orange color and runs smoothly on the even 2G connection. And hardly any such app runs on 2G connection.

If looked at its rapid progress, then it can be pretty well concluded that Aptoide App can soon rule on the 1st position kicking play store down. But all this is just a though . Because overall progress depends on Aptoide owner how they run it and work on it.

Aptoide Apk Download Link

Download Aptoide or say Aptoide Apk Download: How To

If you have a smartphone with you then its will take you few sec to put Aptoide Apk to download. To download follow the steps below:

  • Open Chrome
  • Click Here to Download
  • A pop up will appear showing some kinda warning, ignore that as Aptoide App is safe to use.
  • Allow the application to get downloaded.
  • Now wait for Aptoide Apk to get Downloaded.

And that’s it. You are done! You have successfully Download Aptoide. Now comes how to install it.
Aptoide Apk - How to Install Aptoide App Quickly on Android Devices

Aptoide Apk - How to Install Aptoide App Quickly on Android Devices

Like downloading of Aptoide App, installing to Descargar Aptoide is too easy. For this just follow the steps below:
  • Since it’s a third-party application, you need to change your mobile download settings.
  • Go to Settings> Security > Click “Unknown Resources” > Ok > Allow Download.
  • Now head back to the file where your recent Aptoide Apk file is stored.
  • Click on that and then click on Install.
  • Now wait for few seconds to elapse
  • That’s it you have successfully Installed Aptoide App.

Aptoide App How to Download it for PC

As said before Aptoide is everywhere. Follow the steps given below to download Aptoide Apk:
  • Click Here to do Aptoide Apk Downloader or say Download Aptoide.
  • Run Bluestacks on your PC or Laptop. To know more click here.
  • Open the APTOIDE APK file like you did for your smartphone. Install it and run the application to see the marketplace consisting of the latest apps and products.

And that’s it, you have successfully Installed Aptoide App on your PC or Laptop. So, you are ready to visit the store and explore it.

Aptoide IOS - How to Download Aptoide Apk and use it for iOS

Are you using IOS? Sad Nah, you are thinking you can’t enjoy Aptoide Apk! Then you are completely wrong. Follow the below steps to know How to Download Aptoide for IOS:
  • Download Aptoide IOS App from your MAC device by clicking here. Or Click here to know more about Aptoide IOS
  • Run Android emulator (Bluestacks) that will help you to run the Aptoide Installer on your IOS device. Choose the mac version download as you are downloading it on your IOS device.
  • Now open the folder where you have stored the Bluestacks file and install the application.
  • Once Bluestack is properly installed launch it and double click on the Aptoide App and install it.
  • Once done, it will show pop-up success messages.
If you've carefully followed my instructions very well, you should have noticed that your Aptoide App was installed successfully that’s it you have successfully downloaded Aptoide Apk and installed it. So, now download your favorite Android App on your IOS Device using Aptoide App.

Aptoide Showbox? - See How to download and get Aptoide Showbox

Aptoide Showbox is one of the top popular Apk apps. It is widely used for watching free TV shows and Movies. Showbox is free movies and TV streaming app for the Android.

But unluckily it is not available in the play store so the user will need to sideload it to the device. If you are getting the “Unfortunately, Aptoide Showbox has stopped” error or any other issues. 
Simply go to settings=> General => Apps => Showbox => Force Stop then clear data and its cache file. And then you can go ahead to restart or better re-install it.

Aptoide Minecraft - How to Download using Aptoide Apk or say Aptoide App

Till now it is pretty much clear about Aptoide Apk Download. I know and I'm quite sure that you now know how to download Aptoide Apk and Install it without asking questions again.

So, the next big question is how to Download Minecraft games using Aptoide App. To download Minecraft games and apps, kindly follow the steps below:
  • After you've successfully downloaded and installed Aptoide App, click to launch it.
  • Next, find the search box and type “Minecraft PE” and click okay or press enter.
  • Then select the game you like and select the version you would like to download.
  • Once you select the version clicks on Install Button and Wait.
  • Within few moments Minecraft games will be downloaded and installed. Although it depends on your Internet Connection

Aptoide Lite: How to download and install it

Aptoide Lite is the best choice for people running out of storage or less internet space. To download follow the steps below:
  • Click Here to download Aptoide Lite
  • Install it just like the conventional way you do for your normal Android Aptoide Apk
Now that’s it you have successfully installed Aptoide Lite. Now explore Aptoide Lite Apk and enjoy!

I will love to put a FULL STOP to my article on The Ultimate Guide to Aptoide - 99.9% Complete Review of Aptoide MarketPlace - Aptoide Apk and how to download Aptoide Apk. You can go ahead to Download Aptoide or Aptoide Apk App.
Summary: I've talked about: Aptoide iOS, Aptoide Minecraft, Aptoide Installer, Aptoide Showbox, Aptoide lite, and descargar Aptoide. Hope you found this article interesting and helpful. Your comments, your sharings, your likes and your tweet are our motivation to even write more contents like this. Have fun with your newly discovered Android app marketplace.


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