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Best Countries to visit in the World on a budget

Best Countries to visit in the World: Traveling makes people better-educated, less prone to stress, better-organized, and what is the most important, it makes people happier. If you don’t believe it for some reason, click on, open Jiji Blog and find inspiring stories and useful tips.

Best Countries to visit in the World

And before you start learning about the best way to pack your suitcase, we’ll add some must-go destination to your list.


There are no people more polite than Japanese. They are friendly to tourists and never let you feel lost. This country will change your point of view on many things. And speaking about its culture can take pages, hours, days…


There is probably no other country, where traditional cultural and historical heritage exists next to advanced technologies so harmonically. The country is absolutely futuristing and record-breaking in a bunch of spheres. The experience will be complicated to compare to anything else.

The UK

There is no need to talk a lot about the United Kingdom. Visiting it is the duty of every traveller. Tasty breakfasts and free entrance to all national museums come as a bonus.


You will be surprised by how diverse this country is. There are no two similar cities, but there is impressive architecture, tasty food, and picturesque landscapes. And Berlin will become one of your favorite places in the world.

The Balkans

We decided to cheat a bit. Almost a dozen of small countries are situated not far from one another, most near the sea. Check out capital cities, spend some time in small unknown towns. Start from the North and move slowly to Greece, admiring breathtaking sceneries and learning about local culture.

South Africa

You might not know, but there is a wine train following a unique route with the stops at wine households. Cape Town, Botanical Gardens, Cape of Good Hope, Penguin Colonies, Drakensberg region - get ready, there is a lot to discover.


There are koalas, and summer comes in winter. That’s all you need to know. 

best countries to visit in the world


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Ejeofor Princewil delete 04/02/2017, 04:24

Wow, among the best countries of the world to visit, I see Japan. I loved my experience when I visited Japan last two years. Just wishing things went back the way it used to be. I really need to travel abroad. If not for anything else, at least my 5th Anniversary should be celebrated abroad.

I wish you more grace as you excel on this vacation of yours. Your wife must really be proud of you. Hardly will you see any man think about his marriage in public like you do. keep it up!! wishing you the best as you enjoy your 5th Anniversary.

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