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How to Start a Blog with Blogger

Starting a blog with Blogspot is the easiest way to create a blog for free and you'll also be able to make money from the contents you publish. Blogger also called Blogspot is a free, fast, and easy way to start publishing your articles online. On blogger, you will be able to customize your design with lots and lots of free and premium templates online. Blogger succeeds where other blogging platforms fails. One good advantage of using Blogspot is that you are not required to invest too much of your time and energy in web servers and complicated installation processes, Blogger helps you fix all that.

How to Start a Blog with Blogger
  • Create a Gmail Account

Gone are those days when you can easily use any other email services which is Google Gmail  to create a blogger account. First and foremost, you should create a Gmail Account. If you already have an account with Gmail which I presume, move on to the next step. 
  • Create a Blogger Account to get started.

Next, Sign up with Blogger by filling your login information (a username and password). Basically, your login detail will require that have a Gmail. If you have done that, signing up for Blogspot account is set.
  • Give your Blog a Name.

Before naming your new blog, I advise you check if the URL of the name for which you want to name is available. For instance, if you wish to name your SparklingStars, check first to see that is available.
If you want to use a custom URL, first of all, check that is available. Next, make sure to register before someone else registers it.

  • Choose a template for your blog.

By default, blogger has plenty templates you can choose from but most Blogspot Bloggers prefer a customized template (Reasons being that they want their blog to look different from other blogs).
Once, you've choose your template, you are good to start publishing your articles on blogger.

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If you have any question as regarding Blogging on Blogspot, do lemme know through the comment section... I believe my 5 years experience will be useful enough to reply you robustly.

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I love blogging on blogger because it's easier than wordpress and Joomla

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