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Stretch Dungeon Downlaod - Apk | iOS Game Download

Stretch Dungeon Downlaod- Apk | iOS Game Download : Stretch Dungeon is an iOS and Android game that has lots of popularity. Stretch Dungeon is on iPhones and iPads, in short, the iOS operating systems. It is now available for android devices too.
 Stretch Dungeon App

Stretch Dungeon Gameplay and features:

The developer of this game is Nitrome which has the ability to transform simple games into great ones by concentrating on revolutionizing the app with twists and turns in the gameplay as well as the setting and the surrounding environment.
You can understand this fact as soon as you start playing the Stretch Dungeon game as it will look like any regular falling game at first but when you will start encountering the numerous obstacles as well as the reward coins, you will be hooked.

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How to Download Stretch Dungeon on iOS device or Android Device:

The game has been launched for iOS and Android devices and it is officially present in the Apple iTunes store and Google Playstore.
So what you have to do is pretty simple. You have to fire up your phone and visit the iTunes store [or Google Playstore in case of Android users] from your respective device .
On the Search bar, type Stretch Dungeon.
A results list will be displayed with the apps on the top. Select the app and download it.
The app will request you to provide the necessary permissions and as soon as you accept it, the app will be installed on your phone.

Download Android version from Here and iOS from Here. You are now free to play the game and help the prisoner collect maximum points and escape.

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