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KakaoTalk Sign Up | KakaoTalk Registration @

KakaoTalk Sign Up | KakaoTalk Login @ - KakaoTalk also referred to as  카카오톡 in Korean language is a free mobile instant messaging app for smartphones with free text, free call and many more great features. We'll look at how to create KakaoTalk account i.e. KakaoTalk registration and KakaoTalk Login procedures.
KakaoTalk Login

KaTalk which is also called KakaoTalk is a chat app that enables users to share content and information like photos, videos, voice notes or voice messages, location, URL links as well as contact information. Kakao Talk is a fast, fun, easy way to communicate with friends and family.
KakaoTalk is free.

KakaoTalk Sign Up or KaKaoTalk registration is all you need to proceed. Kakao Talk login is what you need to access your KakaoTalk account.
KakaoTalk was launched in 2010 and it has been chosen as a means of messaging by many users. KaTalk has more than 150 million users worldwide.

KakaoTalk Sign up | KakaoTalk Registration Procedure –

KakaoTalk Sign Up1. Log on to
2. Click on the Sign up button

3. Accept the term and privacy policies
4. Click on Next

5. Fill in your details in the Kakaotalk sign up form
6. Click on Next
7. Then go to your Email and confirm your email by clicking the link sent to you
8. You will get a congratulatory message for a successful Kakao talk account creation or KakaoTalk registration

KakaoTalk Login | KakaoTalk Sign in @

The Kakao Talk Login procedure is outlined below;
  1. Log on to
  2. Enter your KakaoTalk account Email or KakaoTalk ID
  3. Enter your Kakotalk password
  4. Click on the Yellow Login
That is KakaoTalk Login. Simple isn’t it. Always more simple than KakaoTalk Sign up at least.
Please Note: You can also download Kakaotalk app for Mobile and and KakaoTalk for Pc. From the App you can then do you KakaoTalk Sign up, KakaoTalk login and other KakaoTalk services.

Kakao Talk Services –

The following are the services available to KakaoTalk users after KakaoTalk sign up.
  • Kakao Talk
  • Kakao Story
  • Together with kakao
  • Kakao Talk YellowID
  • Kakao Taxi
  • Kakao Map
  • Kakao Hairshop
  • Kakao Metro
  • Kakao Driver
  • Slush
  • Kakao Bus
  • Kakao Stock
  • Kakao Music
  • Kakao Navi
  • Kakao Place
  • brunch
  • Plain
  • Kakao TV
  • Kakao Group
  • Kakao Style
  • Kakao Home
  • Kakao Page
  • Kakao Agit
  • Kakao Game
  • Kakao Accounts
Lets see the special features of KakaoTalk that has made many people to Create KakaoTalk account or KakaoTalk Sign up on a daily basis.

KakaoTalk  Special Features –

  • Free chats – FREE messages & multimedia (photos, videos, voice notes)
  • It is fast, speedy and reliable even in the very poor network zone
  • Free calls which can be one on one or Group chats
  • Great EMOTICONS that adds more fun to your chats. Express it all with our included emoticons PLUS select from endless sticker collections in our Item Store
  • PLUS FRIEND that offers Kakaotalk users exclusive coupons & deals from your favorite brands
  • Chat and call with VOICE FILTER – Fun free calls with Talking Tom & Ben’s voice filters
  • Supports ANDROID WEAR: Reply with voice from wearable devices
  • Lets you share your location
  • Unlimited GROUP CHAT –  Chats with an unlimited number of friends
  • Multitask during free calls (send messages in other chat rooms)
  • Schedule appointments, lunches, gatherings
  • Use KakaoTalk on any smartphone and PC
  • Have even more fun with Kakao mobile games
  • See who read your messages
  • Kakao Talk offers even more great features that you can only get after you complete your KakaoTalk sign Up or KakaoTalk registration process.

KakaoTalk FAQ and how to get Answers – Frequently asked Questions about KakaoTalk –

The following are KakaoTalk FAQs
  1. What is the Free Call feature?
  2. How can I start a Free Call with a friend?
  3. Are voice calls and video calls on KakaoTalk free?
  4. Can I accept a regular phone call when I’m on a Voice Call/Video Call?
  5. What versions of KakaoTalk are required to use the free call feature?
  6. It is hard to notice that I have an incoming call on KakaoTalk.
  7. Can I make a free call using an attached earpiece or headset?
  8. What is the group call feature?
  9. Group Call does not work.
  10. How do I use a voice filter?
To resolve these questions, contact the KakaoTalk customer service unit.

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