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OLX Mobile | OLX Cars for Sale | OLX Sign Up

OLX Classifieds company
OLX cars are quite affordable because customers get to compare prices of various cars and choose which one is good and at what cost. OLX cars for sale includes both new and used cars. Buyers have loads of options to choose from new and used cars on OLX classified ads market place. Sellers of cars on OLX can easily choose to do so because it's the easiest and fastest way way to sell your used cars without getting into much protocols. 
OLX Mobile; you can buy used Mobiles for sale in India, Philippine, Nigeria, Kenya, etc on OLX. At OLX you can buy or/and sell second hand Mobiles.

Before I proceed, I will love to share with you "How to create an OLX Account". 

How to Create OLX Account - OLX Sign Up / OLX Account Registration

Create OLX Account

In order to register OLX account, you have to know that OLX APP is available both on mobile and computer application with which you can buy and sell a product online and post products for free. Before this article, I already put up something here on OLX Account Sign Up.
OLX has recently been pronounced as the best online website (App) which provides it subscribers with services like helping them market their products online and as well deliver to their door steps any product which they buy online at a very cheap price.

Before creating an OLX Account, you'll need to download OLX App firstly before following the prompt to Sign up OLX Account. It's pretty simple.

Next, let look at the amazing features of OLX APP;

Features of  OLX App

The features listed bellow are what makes OLX Application so unique such that no other online marketing app comes near it.
  • OLX account Kenya or OLX account of other countries is not expensive to maintain and use.
  • OXL is one of the fastest means to sell and buy goods online.
  • OLX India or any other country is easy to sell and buy goods online and it will be delivered at your door step very fast.

How to Download OLX Apk Free of Charge

Before showing you how to create OLX account, lets look at how to download oxl apk free. Kindly follow these guide on how to get the Free OLX Download for your devices.
  1. Login into
  2. After the page finish loading Click on the Download button.
  3. The file will automatically save in a folder.
  4. Launch or open the downloaded application to install the Free OLX Download file into the device memory .
If you are in South Africa, you can download OLX App here on Google play store
You should remember very well that to create an account in OLX you will need a valid email address, so the following are the processes of OLX App registration:
Log in into the official website of OLX App.
Click on the register or olx sign up button for Free OLX Download.
After the page finish loading fill the online form which may appear as you name, email address and other relevant information.

After filling the form click on Register or Sign up. After submitting the form, which you filled OLX will send to your e-mail a link to activate your new password – click it to activate the new password.

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Buy & Sale OLX Cars in Tanzania here and download app on play store here, App store here
Buy OLX Mobile in India by clicking here  

How to Sell Cars on OLX App

To sell a product like a car or mobile devices on OLX, you are to Upload the picture of the product which you want to sell first online. Write a captive and good description of the product (Car or Mobile) you want to sell. Give every information that best describes the car or mobile you wish to sell else buyers will not be motivated to buy. For instance if you are about to sell a car that has AC or a car that is Automatic, don't fail to include it in the description. It fosters sells.

olx cars
olx mobile
olx cars for sale


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Is OLX Cars, OLX Mobile and OLX Cars for sale the only product on the OLX market place? Is OLX available in all countries of the world?

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