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Flash Share - Download Flash Share App And Gionee Xender APK for Android, Blackberry & Apple Users

Flash share is the first most popular Android app that replaced Bluetooth transfer thereby making transfer of games, apps, videos, photos and files easier. Before it's arrival users were actually tied down with Java phones which uses Blue FTP as it's best transfer medium. Today, a lot of users are still holding on to Flash share because of it's usefulness.  Before now, most Android phones usually come with flash share being pre-installed but it's no longer so because things have changed.

Flash Share

If you go to Google play store today, you won't find flash share app there. Same as when you go to iOS App store, you won't still find Flashshare app with reasons best known to them. But the good news is that you can still get the Flash share APK here or get it through this Facebook link.

Download Flash share and Xender For Android, Blackberry and iOS

I have given you a link to download Flash Share Apk above. Next, I will show give link to download flash share app from Google Play Store for Android users.

FlashShare Download for Android and Blackberry Devices

If you have been wondering where to get flash share downloaded on your Android, after going through this web page, you won't have any trouble again. On the Play store, you will see so many apps that looks like flash share transfer app but in order to save your time, use this link to download it once and for all. It is called File Transfer by Flashare.

The next good flash app you should think of downloading is the T Share-Best File Transfer App which you can also download here. Although they have different names, they perform the same task. 

Think of Maggi and think of Knorr - They both make food taste good

How does File Transfer by Flashare works?

File transfer by flashare works like the way Flash share android app works. All you need is to do your normal pairing of devices and you are good to start sharing your apps.

Using T Share-Best File Transfer App for Sharing app | How to use flash share on android

This is really very easy to use, in fact, once you download and install this app every other thing is set on auto pilot. Just follow the simple instructions and you will find yourself sharing between devices.

Features of T Share-Best File Transfer App

Download Flash Share
  • It is totally a new way of sharing. You can choose your files and share them in a more efficient and easier manner.
  • It's a New UI design, new avatars, which yo will really love.
  • T Share-Best File Transfer App is packaged with a fully optimized File selection page.
  • When it comes to faster transfer speed and app stabilization, it is second to none.

Download Flash Share App for Apple Device - iOS

Well as I said earlier, there is nothing like flash share app for iDevices when you search on iTunes, all results concerning flash share redirects you to Xender app. Sincerely speaking, there's no difference between Flash share and Xender. They do the same thing.

I quote again:

Think of Maggi and think of Knorr - They both make food taste good
Think of Flash share and think of Xender - They both make file transfer easier

Before I proceed to Xender App download, lets see the unique feature of Flash share that has made every user crazy about downloading it.

Features of Flashshare Android App

  • Number one, there is no limit for file type or size you want to send via Flash Share, does not rely on Wifi or data connection.
  • Number two, Flash Share app is totally free and simple to use with unlimited usage.
  • Number three, There's no need of using cable or Bluetooth device before you can share any file or app.
  • Number four, File size is not an excuse for flash share app, no matter how large, flash Share will still complete the file share as fast as possible.
  • Flashshare is 2000% faster than Bluetooth and you can transfer over 100 million files/app a day.

Download Xender App for Android and iOS devices

Download Xender App for Android

Xender is an app used for sharing files and application on Android and on iOS devices. It uses same technology like Apple Airdrop and same technology used by Flash share developers. With the advent of Xender, we rarely have opportunity to see it's predecessor "Flash share". Some mobile users feel Flash share was owned and developed by Xender. Well, no doubt because it's somewhat obvious but that discussion should wait. Lets get to the business of the day.

Where to download Xender App for Android and Blackberry 10 and Above

If you are thinking of where to download Xender for Blackberry or Xender for Android, look no further. Click here to download Xender for Android and Blackberry 10 +.

Gionee Xender APK Download for Android Devices

You must have heard of this amazing app called Gionee Xender. Click on the link below to download Gionee Xender APK.

 Download Xender App for iPhone and iPad.

Download Xender App on your iPhone or iPad through this link so you can be able to transfer and share some stuffs like music, videos and photos with your Android friends. You and I knows how stingy iOS can be. We thank God for Xender, Xender has broken the jinx.

How to connect Xender Android Mobile to Apple Devices (iOS) and Laptop/PC Wirelessly

We all how know that Apple does not allow file sharing across platforms. Xender is your best App that enables you do the sharing of files, videos, images and song between iOS devices and any other platform. 

How to connect Xender Mobile to PC/Laptop Wirelessly

  • First and foremost, Download and install Xender Application on your Android Device. Next, connect both Android Device and PC to the same Wifi Network. For example "McDoglaz Note". (Goto settings -> Wifi -> On -> Connect to network).
  • Swipe to the left and you will find the "Connect To PC menu". 
  • Tap on Connect To PC
  • Next is the iP address with port no that you must put in your PC browser to see all Mobile data files.
Lets see how it works with Android and Blackberry versions using Android OS.  


Steps To Transfer Files Between Your Android Device & Any iOS Device

  • Open the installed Xender application on your android device and swipe to left.
  • You will find iDevice Menu. 
  • Click on it.
  • Next, connect your iDevice to WLAN network as shown in your Android app.
  • Next, you ensure to install Xender app in your iDevice from App Store and click on the friends button.
  • That's all, start sharing!!! 

How to send flash share through Bluetooth

If you want to learn how to send flash share through Bluetooth which is a very simple matter to handle, scroll down to quickly get Bluetooth app on Google Play store. I am sharing this post because I know quite alright that not every Android phone supports flash share although most phones supports it. Also, I noticed that it's not not all Android phones that were built with hotspot in mind and as such we need to update you with how to share flash share app through Bluetooth. Android phone without hotspot or Wifi will certainly need to transfer Flash share through Bluetooth.

What You will need to Send Flash share through Bluetooth.

Okay, you will need this app called "Bluetooth App sender".

How to get Bluetooth App Sender 

To get this amazing app, all you need is to click on this link here => BlueAppSender


  • After a successful download, click to install or open directly
  • Locate the app you wish to send either by scrolling through the list of apps or using the search box to search for the app.
  • Next, click on the app and click on SEND
  • A list of send options will pop up, select Bluetooth.
  • Now, locate the device name of the recipient you wish to transfer the app to.
  • Select the recipient and you are good to go.


Now that you've gotten your flash share, you can now share those your installed apps from any of your Android devices easily.

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Thanks for reading this blog post which I titled "Flash Share Download and Xender App Download for Android & iOS Users".  I want you to share this post with your friends so they can download, install and start using Flash share or Xender on their devices.


Thanks for sharing this helpful update on Flash share. Over sometime now, have been having issues connecting Xender to my pc for file sharing. This your article has done me good. For those looking for flash share, if you don't have it preinstalled, why not download Xender APP. They are basically the same thing. Xender is even more powerful.

Talking about Xender on multiple platforms, if you are using a Gionee phone especially; you will definitely need to download Xender before it can work properly.

Efukikata Efet, I really appreciate your effort in putting up this piece and sharing the download links.

Thank you @Michael Edem, Xender app is the most recommended transfer app because it was developed to fix what Flash share couldn't fix.

Thanks for reading McDoglaz Note

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