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Update Facebook Status With Colored Background

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Facebook color status updates


How to change Facebook status color

To proceed in writing whats on your mind on Facebook by using the Colored text or colored background tricks... You should be aware that it is only aavailable for Android users at the moment. 

Facebook color background status

Okay, lets see how to write Facebook post with colored Background step by step.

How to add color to Facebook posts

  • Login Facebook account at 
  • Click on What’s on your Mind to make Facebook post. Icon of different colors will appear at the bottom of the blank space where you are writing the post. 
  • Select the color that you want to appear in the Background of the text. before you start writing your post.



Summary of How to Update Facebook Status With Colored Background

Looking at what is covered on this guide.. I can boldly say that you have learnt so much about "Update Facebook Status With Colored Background" ranging from "How to change Facebook status color,  Facebook color background status,  How to add color to Facebook posts, etc." Now is your turn to implement all that is covered in this guide.


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Nkechiyere Ezeofor delete 07/02/2017, 03:18

Thank you so very much @ Admin.. I was able to use a Facebook colored background on my new Samsung tablet with ease. It's really tushed!!! Got my friends jealousing and I'm feeling like a geek already... Thanks so much.

Well Nkechi, that's why we at McDoglazNote are known for. Inspiring the genius in everyone who reads our blog post. Try and subscribe for further updates on Facebook tutorials and other amazing articles.

What else can be done with Facebook that you've not written on? Bro, you are good. God bless for making this tweak work for me. I appreciate.

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