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Check Your SAT Scores for College Admission

This is a guide to show you how to Check SAT Scores for College Admission by yourself. So how do I Check my SAT Scores for College Admission? We will show you how to check your SAT score and will also inform you of when the SAT scores will be made available for candidates to check theirs on this page.
Check SAT Scores for College Admission

The SAT examination is now over and you are wondering what will be SAT scores and how to get my SAT scores on the College Board official website.

This post will guide all who wrote the past SAT examination on the time of day the scores will appear and where to check SAT scores on the website.

Scoring SAT is a complex process, in case you are wondering if you can get SAT result earlier before the scheduled release date. So after you take the SAT exam, try to relax and be patient for few days until your scores come out. Now lets see when to expect SAT Scores online.

When Will SAT Scores Be Out

College Board has changed the SAT and PSAT a lot in the past year. A new test, a new scoring system, and an optional essay. SAT scores normally come out just exactly few weeks after the test is taken. Though in the past results generally arrived faster within the range of 17 to 19 days. Actually the exact timeline for your SAT score to be out depends mainly on your SAT registration type.

How to Check My SAT Scores – How to Get SAT Scores

If you registered for the SAT online or you did your SAT registration by mail and set up a College Board account, you’ll get an email telling you how to sign into your online score report when scores are ready. So below is how to get SAT scores.

  • Then, you’ll be directed to a sign-in page.

  • Log in with the user name and password you created during the time you register for SAT.

  • Upon login, you will see a page that as shown on the image above.

  • Click on “See Them Now” to view your scores in the updated format, which admittedly looks much nicer.

How Is SAT Text Scored?

A lot happens after test day in order for College Board to ensure that your test is scored fairly and accurately, and that contributes to the delay in the release of SAT Scores most of the time. The process ranges from.
  • Secure Delivery: When you submit your answer sheet, it is carefully tracked until it’s delivered to our processing center.

  • Scanning and Analysis: Your answer sheet is scanned and the resulting file of answers is analyzed by a system.

  • SAT Essay Scoring: Essays are scanned and then scored independently by two qualified scorers.

  • Conversion to Scaled Score: Your raw score is converted to a scaled score of 200 to 800 points, the score you see on your score report.

  • Score Release: If you registered for the SAT online or you registered by mail and set up a College Board account, you’ll get an email telling you how to sign into your online score report when scores are ready.

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