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Groupon Touch Login Problem - Groupon Sign up

Are you having problem with Groupon Touch login? I think this article will help. Signing in to Groupon touch account is as easy as Pinterest login.

It is advisable to create an account with Groupon touch first before attempting to sign in.

Groupon Touch Login


Firstly, lets see how to sign up to Groupon  account before proceeding to login Groupon touch:


First and foremost, Logon to groupon official homepage
  • Click on Sign Up. 

  • Groupon Sign Up page will appear. 

  • Select your title. 

  • Fill your First Name and Surname. 

  • Fill your House Number and Street. 

  • Enter your City and Postcode. 

  • Fill in your email address and Phone accordingly. 

  • Create your Password, Re-enter Password to confirm. 

  • Click to check the box in agreement to the Terms Of service of Groupon. 

  • Finally, Click on Groupon Touch Sign Up. 

Groupon Touch Login

  • Next, enter your Email address in the specified field “Sign In to your Groupon Account” 

  • Enter your desire Groupon User Password. 

  • Tap or Click on “Sign In”. 

Note that you can choose to Login your Groupon touch account via Facebook, so you can click on “Sign In with Facebook” if you wish to. Personally, I prefer this option because it seems faster.

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