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imo Video Call App - Download And Explore imo Chat Messenger

Keeping in touch with family and friends are the best things that can happen to anyone abroad or away from their friends and family. Most preferably, video chatting is usually the best option to keep you close and up to date as to what is going on with members of your fams.

imo beta free video call
Using imo video call is an option to consider whenever you wish to know how well your fams are really doing. Why? because imo app videos are usually free and very cost effective when using data rate as yardstick for judgment.
I know most of you guys in the States and other well developed countries may not understand how difficult and expensive it is here in Africa to subscribe for browsing data plan. The great news is that imo application team developers are doing well to help users reduce data usage or at least minimize data consumption while users are video chatting.
I can remember sometimes ago, a friend of mine actually called me via imo messenger and at that time, I had just about 10MB data remaining of my data bundle but I was still able to make an hour long video call and when I spoke to my friend about this innovation, he told me, the data charge was billed from senders side. I don't know how truthful this is but I knew I was able to make a long hour video chat with imo video chat and with as low as 10MB data balance.

imo free video calls and chat
Making imo free video calls and chatting for free is just as simple as downloading and installing the app on any of your smart device and you are good to go. With imo free video call, you don't need to think of making any monthly payment all you have is to send an imo call to anyone of your contacts you wish to call after you are done downloading and installing it. Good enough, imo for Android, imo for windows phone and imo video app in general automatically alerts your friends who have your mobile number as contact that you have joined imo free call network and your friends who have been waiting for you to join can then decide to chat you up as well as make video call with you.

Free Download imo App, Video Calls And chat for Android & PC

imo free download video call app is your one-stop app for video chat... Although, all app will always have their bad side, this post is not going to focus on negativity at least not today.

Features of imo beta free video call

imo video call

Download imo for Android (APK and from Play Store) And Install imo for PC (Windows Only)

  • Get imo beta free video call messenger on play store by clicking here.

  • Download imo free video calls and chat on your Android device here.

  • Download imo APK (Free) by clicking on this link

  • Install imo on Windows PC by clicking here. or here

Features of imo free video calls and chat

imo download free for Android and PC users is now available, you could also download imo APK file from the link shared above and start enjoying the imo software as best as you can with your fams.

imo for PC link above will automatically initiate download, go ahead and click to download if you really need imo for PC.

imo for PC 
imo for PC
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