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Postini Login
Lots of people out there are yet to know about this amazing product by Google
Postini was acquired by google with the virtue of its cash payment of $625 million in the 2007. 

Postini Login via

Postini is now officially known as Google Postini Services but Google has announced its shutdown of some services. So Postini will be transited to its Apps platform.

Postini Google Services

Postini is a cloud computing services that offers email spam filtering and malware. It ensures that email are completely safe before recipients can receive them automatically on your own client’s mail server. 

Upon reception the email can be archived to keep record of web history and usage. 

Postini is Google spam filter login interface protecting client network from malware and spams. 


  • Enter your email address at the field specified at the middle of the page. 

  • Thereafter, enter your password. 

  • After that click on Login.

That's all that is required for Postini login or Postini Google Login as you may call it.

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