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Zoosk Account Sign Up - Zoosk Dating Login @

Zoosk is an online dating site that was initiated and developed by two geeks "Alex Mehr and Shayan Zadeh". It has recorded over 38 million users and currently the number 1 on iOS/iTunes store. This article will guide you on how to create Zoosk account (Zoosk registration, Zoosk Sign up) as well as Zoosk Login (Zoosk Sign in, Zoosk Account Login) process.

Zoosk Sign Up / Zoosk Registration - Zoosk Login Process Via

You will need to create an account with Zoosk or download the Zoosk app before signing up for Zoosk. Luckily Zoosk apps is available on multiple platforms. 

Now, lets see why you may need to sign up for Zoosk online dating;

Reasons for Zoosk Sign Up Account / Zoosk Registration -

  • Zoosk account registration and Zoosk login is totally free for all new and old members

  • When you complete a Zoosk Sign Up process, you will be given the privilege to hook up with as many women and men that you desire.
  • Upon a successful Zoosk registration, you will have access to Zoosk dating app which is made available on multiple platforms and on multiple stores including Google Android play store, Amazon and iOS store.

  • Zoosk login entitles you meet and discover more than 35 single ladies and gents who shares common interest with you.

  • On Zoosk dating site/App, you get to enjoy a global online dating platform that delivers better matches for you in real time.

  • Get an unlimited access to dating & relationship advice that will strengthen your relationship from Zoosk dating site.

  • Zoosk offers a full time customer support team to give members additional supports whenever demand arise.

  • Zoosk is well recognized for providing a reliable service (3B - Better Business Bureau) which means you can meet, connect and build relationship with singles within and outside your country in multiple ways.

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Zoosk Registration and Account Creation Process

Zoosk Sign Up

Zoosk registration is as simple as creating any social media account online and you could either decide to use any of the following process to sign up for Zoosk account:

  • Zoosk Account Sign Up via Email
  • Zoosk Sign through Facebook

  • Zoosk online sign up with Google+

Signing up via Facebook and G+ API is usually more easier than through email because email sign up will require additional step of verification. Below is how to complete Zoosk account sign up with email.

Zoosk Sign Up Account With Email - Zoosk Registration

Zoosk online dating site registration via email is also simple, see how to create Zoosk account via email below:

  • First, visit on your web browser

  • Select your gender.

  • Next, enter your Birthday in the order presented.

  • Next, enter your email

  • Fourthly, enter your desired password.

  • Finally, hit on the "SIGN UP" button.

That's all on how Zoosk Account Sign Up works.

Login: Whatsapp Login

Zoosk login | Zoosk Sign In Account

Zoosk Login

Just like Zoosk Sign up, Zoosk login is also very easy. To complete a successful Zoosk login/ Zoosk Sign in process, you need to follow the steps below:

Sign in Zoosk Account | Zoosk Account Login

  • Next, enter the correct email address you used while registering for Zoosk account.

  • Finally, tap on "LOG IN" button.

That's all that is required during Zoosk account login

N/B: Just like Zoosk registration process, You can always complete your Zoosk login by using Facebook and Google+ API. To login Zoosk account through Facebook and Google+ API, simply tap on "Log In with Facebook" or "Log in with Google+". 

This process is pretty simple. What are you waiting for? Login and start chatting with old and new people on Zoosk.

How to Find singles on Zoosk in your area | Zoosk Search Profiles

Zoosk Search

If you wish to find single men or women in your area, Zoosk search engine will help you do that. Zoosk search allows members to find as well as learn about singles living in their areas by checking through dating profiles. Zoosk users can as well turn on the advance search to check for perfect dating profiles like Non smokers.

Zoosk Contact Phone Number


Zoosk Contact
If for any reason you wish to contact Zoosk online dating site, below is how to contact Zoosk;

Customer Service

8 minutes is the average wait
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST

Press 1 then 5 and then follow the prompts.

Or the Zoosk experts can wait on hold, and work to get your issue(s) resolved for you

Zoosk Customer Service

Phone: 415-362-1000

Login: Badoo Login

Frequently Asked Questions - Is Zoosk Free?

 The answer is YES and NO depending on what your question really is. Account registration and login and other cool features of Zoosk online dating site is entirely free. Some features are actually premium features.

Is Zoosk Worth Paying for?

You definitely will like Zoosk premium features besides, an established company like Zoosk won't put up a feature as a premium feature without adding values to the patronizers.

Is Zoosk Connected to Facebook?

Zoosk uses Facebook API and most sites uses same Facebook API's for easy registration and login. This is because majority of internet users have a Facebook account.

Is Zoosk Real and or Good?

Yeah, Zoosk is real and good... Zoosk is mainly for adults who are above 18.

Zoosk Mobile | Zoosk Messenger - Download Zoosk Mobile Messenger

Zoosk Messenger

Looking for Zoosk mobile messenger for download?

Download Zoosk App on Google Play
Get Zoosk Mobile App on Apple Store
Download Zoosk mobile messenger on Amazon

How to delete Zoosk Account - Delete Zoosk Online Dating Account App

Delete Zoosk Account

How to deactivate Zoosk Account | Remove my Zoosk Account

There are various options available to users of Zoosk dating site. For example, if you are a Zoosk subscriber and wishes to remove or deactivate account from Zoosk service, yo will have to first of all cancel subscription or pause your subscription.

Follow the steps below if you are eligible for this feature:

  • Sign in to Zoosk profile

  • Tap on Profile Account Settings and click Account from the menu 

  • Next to where you have 'Account Status' click on 'Edit' 

  • This is where you'll find your account options. From here, you can decide on what you wish to do with your Zoosk account. Whether to deactivate/remove or cancel/pause your subscription.

If you do see the option to Pause your account, here is what will happen if you choose to Pause: 

  • You will keep your connections and messages

  • You won't be able to use Zoosk (ie. search, wink, message, etc)

  • You won't be shown to other Zoosk members in Smartpick, Search, Carousel, Online Now, Connections, Views.

  • Subscribers subscription will still remain active

  • You won't be able to receive messages from other Zoosk members

You won't also receive any emails or notifications from Zoosk or other Zoosk members. You can only receive the following emails:

  • Pausing and Reactivation confirmation emails

  • Emails related to subscription renewals

If you are not a subscriber and do not want to Pause your account, but you would like to deactivate or remove your Zoosk account, please follow the directions below.

Deactivating/Removing Zoosk Account from Computer

  • Visit on your browser and log in to Zoosk account.

  • Click on your Zoosk display name in the top right corner of your screen.

  • Select Account Settings from the drop-down menu. This will take you to your account page.

  • Next to Account Status select Edit.

  • Select Deactivate. This will take you to a confirmation page.

  • Confirm your choice by selecting Deactivate Zoosk Account.

When you eventually deactivate Zoosk account, kindly note that your profile will not be visible to other Zoosk members, and you will as well lose all your subscription benefits, if any, without a refund according to Zoosk Terms of Use Agreement and your list of connections.

Related: How to delete Facebook Account Permanently.

If you wish to create a Zoosk account later on in the future, you can do that by reactivating your Zoosk account by logging in to your account using your email address and password.

N/B: You will not be entitled to any subscription or other benefits you had prior to deactivation.


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