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Nigeria Postal Code, ZIP Code And Dialing Code

The confusion about Nigeria’s ZIP code is on a high trend as many internet users get confused between Nigeria postal code, Nigeria zip code and Nigeria's dialing code.

It is now time to clear the confusion!!

We will shed more light on these terms:

  • Nigeria Dialing Code
  • Nigeria's Postal Code

If you’ve been confused for some time about what the correct Nigeria ZIP code is, then this post is for you, as it gives some explanation.

This article offers clarification on these three terms, lets get started!

ZIP code is only applicable to United States residents... ZIP which stands for Zone Improvement Plan should not be mistaken for postal code.

Postal code is not a substitute to ZIP code in any way.

Other countries like Nigeria use postal code for similar purpose of ZIP code but as we said earlier, postal code cannot be regarded as ZIP code in the US; i.e, they are not interchangeable.

What are their Purposes?

The Nigeria Postal Code as well as the US ZIP code are used for mailing services.

So, you will not be wrong to say that postal code is for Nigeria and the rest of the world while ZIP code is applicable only to the United State residents.

You should know that there is a service in the State called USPS... this service has codes for every other country which is used in handling any form of delivery.

N/B: USPS stands for United States Postal Service.

The USPS codes are similar to the United State ZIP code... For Nigeria, our own code is 00176-0000.

How to request for Nigeria ZIP code

To fill any form requesting for Nigeria Zip code, you will be safe to use the Nigeria's postal code in the stead.

You could use any random postal code e.g 110001.

Better still, you should try using 23401... although some site might reject this particular ZIP code, use 00176 if the former gets rejected.

What you should avoid

Avoid using +234 or 234 as your postal code or ZIP code because it is unacceptable, rather use these codes;

  • 110001
  • 23401 or
  • 00176

What's the Nigeria Dialing Code?

+234 is the Nigerian dialing code and should not be mistaken for Nigeria ZIP code or Nigeria postal code as the case maybe.

What is the ZIP code of Lagos State?

Lagos State, Nigeria is one of the most popular states in Nigeria but does not have ZIP codes, because as we have earlier explain, ZIP codes are specifically used in the United States.

Rather, the Nigerian Postal Service features postal codes for different regions.

Lagos as a whole has two major postal codes. Below are the Lagos postal code;

  • 100001 for mainland Lagos and
  • 101001 for Lagos Island.

This video will guide you to locate postal codes for your specific state.


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