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Nigerian Law School Admission Application Form – How to Apply Via

Nigerian Law School Application form for 2017, See how to apply for Nigerian Law School Admission via
Nigerian Law School

Nigerian Law School Application Form for 2017 details

This article will explain in details:

  • Nigerian Law School Application Guidelines
  • List of Nigerian law schools nationwide
  • List of Nigerian Law School Courses
  • Nigerian law school legal profession
  • Nigerian Law School Application Form 2017 
  • Nigerian law school code of conduct
  • How to Apply for Nigerian Law School Admission Form 2017
  • Nigerian Law School Closing Date
  • Nigerian Law School Result Statistics for 2016
  • Nigerian Law School Official Websites for Registration
  • Is Nigerian Law School Admission Form Out for 2017
All anticipating applicants of the Nigerian Law School should kindly be informed that the 2017 Bar Part 1 Course admission form is out. The application process is expected to open on May 20 and end June 18, 2017.

Please kindly share this information to other aspirants!!

The Nigerian Law School is an educational institution set up by the Government of Nigeria in 1962 to provide a Nigerian legal education to foreign-trained lawyers, and to provide practical training for aspiring Legal Practitioners in Nigeria. 

Nigerian Law School Application Form 2017

IMPORTANT! The Nigerian Law School Application form is not yet available online, DISREGARD any form of advert informing you otherwise.

Nigerian Law School Admission Requirements

The program is open to graduates of law of common law countries, whose law courses have been approved by the council of legal education. Degrees obtained through long distance learning or study as an external student are not recognized for admission to this program.

Nigerian Law School Method of Application

Prospective applicants are to visit the Nigerian Law School Website:, follow the instructions, complete the forms and submit same online. Thereafter, a copy of each of the completed forms A2,B,B1 and B2 should be downloaded and forwarded to the Nigerian Law School. No payment for application is required.

Nigerian Law School Closing Date

Applicants should ensure that original academic transcripts and references are received directly from their universities and referees respectively, on or before Friday May 13 2016. Please note that late submission of application documents and references will not be entertained.

Nigerian Law School Result Stat 2016

Nearly one in five law students who took part in the August/September 2016 final examinations of the Nigerian Law School, failed and will not be called to the bar, official results have shown - PremiumTimes (See ref. link below) 

List of Nigerian law schools nationwide

Nigerian Law School has many campuses nationwide, there are 6 of them to be specific. Below are the 6 law schools in Nigeria and their location.
  • Bwari close to Abuja: Became the headquarter campus of the Nigerian law school in 1997.
  • Yenagoa in Bayelsa State
  • Agbani Campus in Enugu state: Popularly called Augustine Nnamani campus
  • Yola in Adamawa State
  • Victoria Island Lagos, Lagos campus: Established in 1962. It was however relocated to its present location in 1969.
  • Bagauda in Kano state


List of Nigerian Law School Courses

All law school campuses in Nigerian listed above offer the same set of course, since they follow the same syllabus. Below are the various course being offered:


The courses involved under this class are grouped into the following:

  • Introduction
  • Courts with civil jurisdiction
  • Prelim matters before commencing civil action
  • Third Party Proceedings
  • Interlocutory of Applications
  • Injunctions
  • Mareva Injunction
  • Inter pleader Proceedings
  • Pre-trial Issues
  • Evidences
  • Anton Piller Injunction
  • The course of trial
  • Trial Advocacy
  • Preparing for trial
  • Judgment
  • Election Petition
  • Enforcement
  • Sharia
  • Appeals
  • Matrimonial


Criminal and Litigation is divided into the following aspects:

  • Introduction
  • Pre-trial Investigations & Police Interviews
  • Arrests & Searches
  • Institution of Criminal Proceedings
  • Complaint and witnesses
  • Presence of the accused
  • Charges
  • Bail
  • Constitutional Safeguards to ensure fair trial
  • Trials and presentation of evidence and advocacy
  • Duties of counsel and the court
  • Concluding Addresses
  • Appeals
  • Judgment and Sentence
  • Knowledge


The courses are divided into the following aspects:

  • Choice of Business and Non-Business Organization & Formations
  • Promotion of Companies
  • Foreign Participation
  • Matters before commencement of Business Alteration of Memo & Articles of Companies
  • Pre-Incorporation Contracts
  • Incorporated Trustees
  • Corporate Governance & Administration
  • Registration of Companies
  • Securities
  • Winding Up
  • Proceedings
  • Restructuring
  • Dissolution


  • Laws to property transactions
  • Essentials of a Deed
  • Assent Outcomes
  • Registration of titles
  • Rent in Leases
  • Mortgage
  • Essentials of power of attorney
  • Transfer of Lease
  • Sale
  • Title
  • Contracts
  • Conveyance
  • Wills - Taking
  • Billing
  • Instructions and drafting of wills 
  • Administration
  • Letters of Administration
  • Winding up of Estates.


The courses are grouped into the following aspects:
  • History of the Legal Profession & Regulation
  • Appointment and Discipline of Judicial Officers
  • Relationship with and Duty of Council to colleagues
  • Qualification
  • Contempt of Court
  • Discipline & Procedure of Removal
  • Rights of Legal Practitioners
  • Controlling Bodies in the Legal Profession
  • Duty of Counsel
  • Instigation Litigation
  • Attracting Business.
  • Dinner Etiquette
  • Soliciting
  • Advertising

News on Nigerian Law School - Wikipedia

In August 2009, a legal practitioner, Asbayir Abubakar, called for reductions in the fees paid at the Nigerian Law School in order to accommodate the less-privileged into the legal profession. In November 2009, the Director-General of the Nigerian Law School, Prof Tahir Mamman SAN, said that students who passed through unauthorized law faculties would not be admitted into the Nigerian Law School. He said the Council of Legal Education will refer law Professors and teachers managing illegal law faculties to the disciplinary committee of the Body of Benchers .This is why Prof Tahir Mamman SAN is referred to as the most successful Director General since the inception of the institution. Currently, Mr O. A. Onadeko the previous Deputy Director General of the Lagos Campus is the new Director General of the Nigerian Law School.

The Nigeria law School is one of the most prestigious and credible institution in Nigeria.  - Wikipedia (See ref. link below).

The Legal Profession

The Legal Profession is an honourable profession and all who belong or aspire to it must exhibit that trait and strength of character. Good character is most crucial for admission to the Law School and subsequently to the Bar. 

Code of Conduct

The Council of Legal Education, conscious of its responsibility for the Legal Education of persons seeking to become members of the Legal Profession, and in conjunction with the Body of Benchers, responsible for regulating the practice of the profession in Nigeria i.e. to train for the profession disciplined gentlemen of honour, approved a code of conduct for the information and compliance of Law Students who intend to seek admission into the Nigerian Law School, qualify for the Bar, and subsequently enroll as Legal Practitioners in Nigeria. A Law Student must be honest and of good behavior. He/She should be a responsible and reliable person.


Nigerian Law School Courses List
Again, nearly 20 per cent fail Nigerian Law School exams - Premium Times
Nigerian Law School - Wikipedia
Nigerian Law School Application Form 2017 
Nigerian Law School Official

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