15 Incredibly Weird Items For Sale On Facebook Marketplace

Since its inception, the internet has been the premiere marketplace for all things Weird™. Craigslist, for example, has proven that there are people out there willing to buy and sell just about anything for the right price.Yet, few online markets are as packed to the gills with odd listings as the Facebook Marketplace. The bizarre site allows people to use their favorite, reliable social media platform as a means to spend and make money from other users.

Make no mistake: there are plenty of people selling perfectly normal things for perfectly reasonable prices on the Facebook Marketplace. But it’s the weird ones that will have you laughing uncontrollably!

1. Wait a second. So this person is offering (roughly) six ounces of water for$56? Putting aside the fact that that is a truly absurd price and an incredibly weird gift, how is he planning on transporting it without a bottle?

2. There’s something unquestionably uncomfortable about the idea of putting living, breathing human beings up for “sale” online, even if it’s clearly a joke. With human trafficking as serious an issue as ever, that’s not something you should be joking about!

3. Ah, the Facebook Marketplace, where for just one dollar, you can buy anything from a “pretty useless” soul to a slice of pizza that would look disgusting anyway even if it wasn’t already missing a bite.

4. “…But it still tastes better than normal Diet Coke.” What exactly makes this particular bottle of Diet Coke different, sir? Is there something in your backwash that enhances the flavor, or did you put something in it?

5. Setting aside that this offer is rather misogynistic, the fact that this person’s girlfriend is four months pregnant raises quite a few questions. For starters, does her boyfriend know he’s a serious jerk? And $100? Really?

6. It’s difficult to say which one is more disturbing: the fact that somebody is selling their (adorable) baby for just $111, or that somebody is sellingfourhandguns for just $20. It’s definitely the baby thing, but the other one is confusing, too.

7. You don’t need to know the current pounds-to-dollars exchange rate to be able to realize that this person is charging far too much for a stained, used plastic cup. He could have at least elaborated more on the cup’s history…

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