Block Facebook Poke – How to Block Facebook Poke

Block Facebook Poke

Do you want to know how to block facebook poke? then this article is for you. Facebook poke like most Facebook users already know is one of the many features of the Facebook platform. If you do not know what this feature is and all that it is about, well today all that is about to change because I will be writing on Facebook poke and a host of other subheadings.

Block Facebook Poke

Most internet users spend a lot of productive time on the internet and of course on Facebook. The reason for this is that Facebook has a lot of interesting features that keep you wanting. One of these features is the Facebook poke. Poking on Facebook is a way of saying hi or hello. It is a way of getting friends attention on Facebook. So many Facebook users still don’t know how to use this feature though. I will be telling us how to make use of this feature in the next heading.

Facebook Poke – How to Poke a Friend on Facebook

Poking a friend is easy, though there are steps to take in order to successfully poke a friend on Facebook. Below are a few tips to note in order to poke a friend successfully on Facebook.

  1. Enter the friend’s profile you want to poke.
  2. Click on the three doted icons at the bottom of your friends cover photo.
  3. Scroll down on the drop-down menu and click on poke.

With these few steps, you can poke a friend on Facebook successfully.

Facebook Poke – How to Block Facebook Poke

Although Facebook poke is a nice feature. There are those persons or users who tend to misuse or abuse this feature rather. Questions have been raised on the credibility of other users making use of the poke feature. Sometimes people poke constantly or they poke to get other peoples attention. Some users have asked on how to block other Facebook users from poking them. Well I really hate to burst your bubble right now, you can’t block Facebook poke or block your friends from poking you on Facebook. Don’t be disappointed as there is another way to bock unwanted poke on Facebook. Unless you poke a friend back or remove their poke from your poke page you can’t get any more pokes from that same person.

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