Facebook Chat – How to Use Chit Chat for Facebook Chat

Over the years in development, Facebook developers have created a lot of software and apps just for chatting on Facebook. These apps are majorly designed to give you the best chatting experience with end to end encryption. There are now mobile apps for Facebook to give you the best of socializing. Facebook is filled with thousands of users, that is why people often use this medium to interact with their relatives and loved ones. Like I said earlier there are lots of Facebook chat engine. I would love to talk about all of them but in this tutorial, I will use chit chat as an example.

Facebook Chat - How to Use Chit Chat for Facebook Chat

Chit chat is one of the best chatting engines for Facebook and it is relatively outstanding, chit chat is very easy to use because immediately you log in with your Facebook account details, chit-chat automatically shows you all of your friends on Facebook sorting it by online and offline. And to crown it all to message a contact is very much as easy as clicking a contact twice. But you must note that you cannot use chit chat for Facebook until you own a Facebook account. Follow these procedures to open a new Facebook account, note that If you already own a Facebook account you can skip this step.

How to Create a New Facebook Account

  1. Connect to a secure ISP.
  2. locate your mobile browser and launch it.
  3. Wait for your browser to load, after the web browser is loaded hit the search bar and navigate to facebook.com.
  4. If you are using a system, fill the form below but in the space of phone number use Gmail instead, for another device click on create new account located at the bottom of the page and also fill the form on the new page.
  5. After that click on sign up.
  6. Now follow the next easy procedures to fully set up your account.

Facebook Chat – How to Use Chit Chat for Facebook Chat

To use chit chat for your Facebook chat, follow these steps

  1. On your device locate the play store or iOS store and launch it, for PC, visit this link https://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/Chat/Instant-Messaging/Chit-Chat-for-Facebook.shtml.
  2. If you are using a PC click the download link at the top left of the screen, for Android and iOS hit the search bar and search for chit-chat.
  3. From the search results hit the one you want to download.
  4. After downloading launch you chit chat application.
  5. Now at the login screen fill in your Facebook account details and click on log in.

Nice and easy right, just like that you can enjoy chatting to the fullest.

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