Facebook Explore – How To Get Access to Facebook Explore Feed

Facebook explore is similar to the ‘Facebook news feed’, but just that it’s a lot more interesting. Facebook now has a new news feed that is hidden just inside it side menu. And is referred to as ‘explore feed’. While on the site you can access it on the column on the left hand. And it also goes along with the main news feed, represented with a rocket for its symbol.

Facebook Explore - How To Get Access to Facebook Explore Feed

On the facebook app you can get access to the explore feed just by hitting the hamburger menu button. This is located right above the news feed and moving down to explore feed at the bottom of the page. Now the major difference between facebook news feed and facebook explore feed is this. The pictures and updates you see are mainly connected to your friends and the pages you follow. While the words and letters are composed of people you are not connected to or follow.

Facebook explore feed is mainly composed of information and contents facebook thinks you’ll be interested in. Facebook explore feed also contains certain adverts you may like. Now facebook has been testing this feature since April. And it is gradually becoming available to all users both on the desktop and mobile devices.

Facebook explore feed was initially introduced as a way of experiencing  a complementary feed that consists of famous articles, photos and popular videos customized to every facebook user depending on what may be interesting to them.

Facebook explore feed works in such a way that  if you recently liked any content relating to music, or cartoons facebook explore feed will suggest content relating to that of which you recently liked.

How To Get Access to Facebook Explore Feed

  1. Get a data connection secure device
  2. Now locate your mobile browser and launch it
  3. Wait for some time for your browser to load, after the web browser is loaded hit the search bar and navigate to facebook.com
  4. Now this process will require you to log in if you haven’t logged in with the device you are using before, if you haven’t log in before you would see a login page, on this page fill in your log in details such as your email or phone number and password.
  5. After logging in you should see a side bar if you are using a PC, on the side bar click on the see more tab
  6. Now a new menu will appear, from the menu, you would see a new tab titled explore feed, click on it.

If you followed the process correctly you should now be on the explore feed page.

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