Facebook Mute Notifications – Facebook Notifications

Are you being disturbed on Facebook regularly that you wish it could end? Or perhaps there are some sort of people you do not wish to receive notification from their posts, well the Facebook mute notifications is then just the platform you are looking for. With the Facebook mute notifications platform, you can turn on and off at any time notifications you do not want to be disturbed with. You can equally set a particular limit of time you do not wish to receive any notifications. Let’s say for instance you can decide you do not want to receive notifications for any posts on Facebook for the next fifty minutes, it is possible, cool, right?

Facebook Mute Notifications - Facebook Notifications

Using the Facebook mute notification platform, there are so many things you tend to enjoy as you have access to which and what notifications you want to get alerted for. With this platform, you no longer need to jump up and look at your phone the moments it beeps and get disappointed. You can fully customize the way you wish to receive your notifications, be it on your mobile sim card or on the mobile device where you are logged in.

How to Access and Use the Facebook Mute Notification Feature

Now using this platform can be quite a difficulty, however you can easily cope as it is worth getting used to. To download the use the Whatsapp mute notification system;

  1. Make sure your device is supported for Facebook and has internet access.
  2. Now visit the official Facebook website at www.facebook.com. However, if you are using a mobile device and you want the best feature. You can do that by visiting m.facebook.com a well-built URL for all mobile device users.
  3. Now login your Facebook account. You can simply login your Facebook account by entering the phone number, email address. Or user name you used in creating your Facebook account together with your Facebook password. If you do not have a Facebook account yet, you can simply create one using the green create account button.
  4. If you logged in your Facebook account successfully, by default, you will be on your Facebook news feed. Now on your Facebook account news feed. Click on the notifications button and wait a few seconds for the page to respond.
  5. Click on mute notifications and then on advanced from the dialog box and begin setting your notification alerts.

That’s it for using the Facebook mute notification system.

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