Facebook Photo Album – How to Create a Facebook Photo Album

We can tell that a single photo creates memories, how about a photo album? Photo albums can tell stories and light up conversations with friends and family. Facebook is not just a place for posting pieces of information about you. You can also add photos and create albums. Creating a Facebook Photo Album contains your brightest Facebook moments in just a wink of an eye! The pictures you upload are all placed in a collection of designed photo albums.

Facebook Photo Album - How to Create a Facebook Photo Album

For you to start enjoying this photo album feature you have to create an album on your Facebook account. There are basically two ways to create a photo album which are; beginning in the status update box and tap on the photo/video album and beginning in the photo menu, gotten from the left side menu and choose a photo album Add album.

Creating a photo album on Facebook is the best way to share your Facebook memories with friends and family in an arranged fashion. It takes little time to create a photo album; it gives you the chance to go back and edit the album anytime you want to. So if you want to start showing happy moments with your friends, just follow these simple steps.

How to Create a Facebook Photo Album

  1. Access Your Facebook Account. If you are not signed in, you have to sign in your account before you can be able to create the album. Go to your web browser and visit facebook.com on your internet enabled smartphone
  2. Tap on the Facebook mobile app. To find this, you have to access the status box, this box is also known as the “what’s on your mind?” box which is at the top of your News Feed homepage or on your Timeline page
  3. Select ‘Create photo album’. This option is on the right side of your screen layout. This will direct you to your device’s hard drive/gallery.
  4. Choose the Photos you want. Go through your gallery, once you are done with choosing the photos you want, you will be directed to a new tab where your album will be created. You can choose the images one at a time or several images at a time.
  5. Fill in some information about the album. While waiting for your photos to upload, you can fill in some information to help friends get more details about the album.
  6. Choose the Album Cover of your choice. The first photo you chose is meant to be the cover of your album. If you would want to change it, click on the Arrow icon at the upper right-hand side of the photo you want and select “Make album cover”
  7. Your Privacy Settings. This option lets you choose who these photos will be visible to (that is, who can see the photos). You have the following options to choose from:
  • Friends
  • Public
  • Custom – this options lets you choose other options like Friend of friends and others
  1. Click on “post”. This option will post your photos to Facebook.

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