Facebook Share – How to Share an Item on Facebook

Facebook Share is all about sharing with your friends. You can share so many things such as photos, videos, status updates, links and sites, and even your location. You are also able to share an item directly with your friends by posting and sharing on their timelines.

Facebook Share - How to Share an Item on Facebook

New Stories make sharing so much fun and easy. Allow people to share your site content across platforms. This sharing platform can also be adopted by marketers. Do you know that you can inform billions of users about your business? Yes, you can! As marketers, we are always in search of legit ways to build the loyalty and value of our brands, build up communication and relationship and keep sales rolling. And one of the best ways to make this dream come true is using the Facebook Share platform.

You can use the publisher to share items to the public. You can get the publisher in two places, which are:

  1. At the top of the news feed on the homepage.
  2. On your timeline.

This publisher is also known as the “what’s on your mind?” box. Using this “what’s on your mind?” box you could do so many things and reach out to so many people out there. With this sharing platform, people get to be informed on so many things happening around and all over the world.

How to Share an Item on Facebook

One of the most common and popular items people share on Facebook is a status update which is a short text your friends and the public can read and comment on. The item you post is a status update. This item you posted will appear on your Timeline and on your friends’ News Feed.

  1. Find the “what’s on your mind?” box, click on it and type in the text/status update.

Note: you will find the “what’s on your mind?” box/publisher in your Timeline/profile page and on the News Feed homepage.

  1. Check the Audience. Just close to box you will find “share with”, tap on it and choose if you want to share with friends, public or just you.
  2. Tap on the blue button tagged as ‘post’ and the status update will appear on your Timeline, your News Feed and the News Feed of your friends.

You can also post/share directly on your friends Timeline. To do this, simply make use of the “what’s on your mind?” box on your friend’s timeline, type in the text and post.

Other Types of Facebook Share

It is so much fun to know that Facebook lets you share more than just status updates. You can share:

  • Photos: it is so simple to share and post your photos on Facebook. Just tap the photo/video button on the “what’s on your mind?” box/publisher. You will be allowed to access your gallery, choose the pictures to upload and click on the post.
  • Links: you can share and post links from websites and web pages simply by pasting the link into the box/publisher.
  • Location: you can share your location by tapping the more button on the publisher, select check-in. choose your present location and click on the post.

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