Gmail Login – SignIn to your Gmail Account? logon to Gmail on PC Or mobile

Gmail Login – SignIn to your Gmail Account? logon to Gmail on PC Or mobile

Gmail login- This is an article that seeks to inform you on the easiest way to log into your gmail account in 2019.
There has been a lot of improvement to Gmail in the last few months, and this has greatly impacted on communication. Now, messages can be sent at an easier and more convenient way.

Gmail Account Sign in – How to Log into Gmail?

Below we are going to be outlining how you can easily sign into your Gmail account, depending on which device you are currently using.

Login Gmail Through Computer

On your computer, enter in a browser.
Enter your Google Account email and password. You can also use your phone number instead of your email if you have that setup.
If you are directed to a page about Gmail, you’ll find the sign in link at the top-right corner of the page.

How to sign out or Logout From Computer

On your computer, you can easily sign out by clicking your photo on the top right corner. Then click the Sign Out button.

Android Device (Smartphone or Tablet)

Download the latest version of the Gmail app. Click here to go straight to Google Play Store’s Gmail page.
On your phone or tablet, open the Gmail app.
Click on Menu, which you’ll find at the top left corner.
On the right of where it says your username, tap the down arrow.
Click on Add Account
Choose the type of account that you would like to add.
Follow the on-screen instructions to add your account to the app.
After you have completed, you’ll be automatically signed into Gmail any time you open Gmail on your device.


The BEST way to LOGOUT or sign out of the Gmail app is to remove your account from your phone or tablet.

How to Login Gmail On iPhone and iPad

  • On your device, download the Gmail app from the App Store.
  • Open the app and click on Menu, which should be on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Click on your account address.
  • Click on Manage accounts and then add account.
  • Enter your Gmail username and password in the designated fields.
  • Once your account is added, you will be signed on automatically every time you open the app.



Facebook Landing Page – Create a Facebook Landing Page

Facebook Landing Page

Your Facebook Landing Page is referred to as the final destination where your Facebook advertisement is placed. It is the location where you direct all the customers, clients and users that click on your advertisement so you can display more details and make them grab full hold of whatever services and products you have to offer in exchange for payment.

Facebook Landing Page - Create a Facebook Landing Page

It is so amazing and interesting when a user seems interested in our advertisements and proceeds to click on it for more information. But if your landing page does not create a smooth path for your final conversion, then your advertisement and awareness is not worth the cash you paid to for your business to be advertised.

Whether you are promoting your business, its products and services, managing an e-commerce service, attracting lead and so on, your landing page is the greatest chance and best medium to finalize the deal between you and your customers. And if you do not manage it well, then you are letting your market deals slip away.

The Reason You Need a Facebook Landing Page

You have to pay a huge sum in order for your advertisement to be served. To a target number of customers on Facebook of about 1.5 billion users on a daily basis. You would never want your customers to get hooked on just a homepage, would you?

Advertising your business or brand on Facebook only gives you a return of the investments you have made and they also the first step of your conversion. The landing page takes the users across the finish line. It allows them go deeper into the details of your products and how they can get them. This can also lead to high purchases of your products from these customers, since they know that your business is genuine and reliable.

How to Create a Facebook Landing Page

Creating a landing page for your advertisements and visitors is not as complex as you could think. Below are the steps to create the page and boost your fan base.

  1. Install static HTML iFrame tabs

This is a friendly way to customize your tabs and set them up instantly. And this app has so much in-built functionalities. Now this is how this tab works, when a user has been directed to your page, you should prompt them to like your page before giving them every other content in the page.

  1. Design your Landing page

One of the most time consuming part of this tab is the process of designing the page. But creating designs on your page helps it look nice and attractive. In the process of designing your page also refers to you giving something nice to customers who become your fans. By doing this, you will definitely have so much number of fans.

  1. Create the Facebook Landing page

Once you are done with the above processes, click on the “welcome” button. All you have to do is enter the HTML for the content which you want your customers and users to see. This should be an attractive content that has the functionality of convincing your customers to like your page.

In the second box. You should enter the HTML which is meant to display content meant for only your customers. Also, clients and fans oif your products and services.

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