Google Keyword Planner – The Benefits and How to Access

Google keyword planner is an online google platform for you to reach the right customers with the right keyword. But first of all what are keywords? Keywords are words or concept of great significance. Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is all about. These keywords are what your customers popularly search on search engines. This is what brings about Google in the big picture. Google now provides a keyword planner that shows you specifically a tally how many people search on a particular phrase (keyword) worldwide. Google helps you and your customer connect via the search engine on keywords. This feature helps you plan and choose your keywords carefully in order to find the right customers. This platform is a more focused version of the google keyword tool and AdWords traffic estimator tool.

Google Keyword Planner - The Benefits and How to Access

Benefits of Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner’s prime and utmost benefit is to help you plan your keyword well. It helps you find your targeted customers. For those of people uses the AdWords traffic estimator or keyword tool, this is going to sound like very good benefits. It I a very good benefit because the google keyword planner is a combination of the AdWords traffic estimator.

How to Access and Use Google Keyword Planner

The Google keyword planner can prove difficult to access as I was also a victim. It may seem that all methods you try are futile but you can actually access and use this feature. Right now I am going to be teaching you a productive way to access and use the google keyword planner.

To access this feature you must first have a Google AdWords account. To create a Google AdWords account visit the google adwords application page at On the web page that loaded click on start using keyword planner. Enter your email address and then your website. Confirm that the google account belongs to you by entering you password and signing in.

On your google adwords account click tools icon by the top right navigation of the page and then keyword planner. Wait a few minutes and you should have successfully accessed the google keyword planner. To use the goggle keyword planner, simply type in a phrase or a keyword and click enter or search.

Note: You will be notified if any charges are to be collected from you but be rest assured that this feature is entirely free.

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