Google Lens – How Google Lens Works – What Does Google Lens Do?

Google Lens is a mobile app that deals on how computers can be made to gain a higher understanding from videos and images. This tool was developed and announced in 2017 by Google I/O – a platform that builds applications with Google. It was created to provide important information using visual inspection.

Google Lens - How Google Lens Works - What Does Google Lens Do?

Furthermore, when you direct your mobile phone camera at a particular body or object. This lens helps you identify the body and display texts and necessary search results about that body or object. Let us take for instance. If your phone’s camera is pointed to a Wi-Fi containing the network name and details. This lens will be connected to the Wi-Fi label which has been scanned. This tool works together with Google photos.

This tool was formally launched on October 2017, with previews for apps and it was installed into the Google Pixel. It is mainly supported by Android and IOS devices. You could also access the app on the Google Play Store.

This tool does not only use your smartphone camera to detect a body or object. It also has an understanding and gives out actions of the object it has detected – that’s pretty smart, isn’t it?

What Does Google Lens Do?

Apart from the actions listed above, this tool also possesses the following abilities:

  1. Clothing and Decoration search – this is a situation where you see a dress you like while shopping, this tool helps you detect and identify the dress and similar suggestions of clothing or even home decoration in order to provide important views and shopping options for you.
  2. Smart Selection of Text – you can point your device’s camera at a text such as the title of a book and others, then highlight the text within Google Lens, and copy the text for use on your mobile device. Let us take, for instance, pointing your device’s camera at the title of a book and being able to copy and paste it into your phone for immediate or later use.
  3. The Search Function – when you direct your phone’s camera around you, this lens helps you every object around you.

How Google Lens Works

The Camera app – in some Android devices, this lens has been directly built to their device’s camera.

Google Photos – using the Google lens app together with Google photos app, this tool can detect and identify buildings, and so many other objects, including the relevant information about that building. You can access Google lens through the Google photos app.

Google Assistant – within the Google assistant platform, you will find the lens icon at the lower right-hand side of the page. You can click on it and point your device’s camera at an object or body; it will identify the object and give you every detail about the object. You can access google lens through the Google Assistant app.

The Google Lens app – this tool has its own app, so if you want to go straight into its features, you have to access the app. You can access Google Lens through the methods I have listed above but using the main app will be the most direct. You can get this app by using the Google Play store on Search for Google Lens and install.

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