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If you want to delete your FB account without permanently deleting it, then you should consider deactivating it. Deactivating your Facebook account is something very easy. We’d explain how to deactivate Facebook account step by step here but if you rather have a change of mind and wishes to delete your account permanently, then you should see this article: How to delete Facebook account permanently.

 How Do I Delete My Facebook Account Without Permanently Deleting It

How To Delete Your Facebook Account Without Permanently Deleting It

As I said earlier, when you deactivate Facebook, you are invariably deleting it temporarily – – we are going to show you how deactivate your account so that you can come back at any time to reactivate your account and connect back to your friends.

Deactivating Facebook Account

To do this, simply click on this link: and follow the onscreen instructions to successfully delete your FB account temporarily.

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