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How do I download and install Facebook Messenger? Facebook Messenger has being regarded as one of the most popular instant messaging apps worldwide with over a billion users. It is now competing with the likes of Whatsapp and Telegram when it comes to sending free messages among users using either data connection or Wi-Fi. 

One interesting thing is that Facebook Messenger is available to everyone either you have a Facebook account or not. It assess users phone contact and display their messages, it can also be used to make video calls as well as voice calls.

So, here is how you can download and install Facebook Messenger into your various devices;

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iOS device

1. Open the App Store

2. Tap the Search box at the bottom of the display and open up the search field.

3. Enter the word ‘Messenger’ and click go

4. From the search result, find the app developed by ‘Facebook Inc’ and tap the ‘get’ button.

5. Tap ‘install’ to begin downloading the app. You may be asked your Apple ID depending on your security and privacy settings in order to commence download.

6. Once it is downloaded, launch the app from your app list

You can login using your Facebook login details or you can create a Messenger only account by clicking “Not on Facebook”

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Android device

1. Open the Google Play Store

2. Type ‘Messenger’ in the search field, then enter, a list of apps will appear.

3. From the result, find the app developed by ‘Facebook Inc’ and click on it

4. Tap the ‘Install’ button and accept all permissions to allow Messenger to access various tools on your device. Then, it will start downloading.

5. Once it has downloaded, launch the app from your app list

You can also use Facebook Messenger without downloading or installing it on your device, you can access the it via Messenger desktop website by following this link But it is required to connect with a Facebook account.

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