How Do You Hide Your Friends On Facebook

How Do You Hide Your Friends On Facebook: A new feature has been enabled on Facebook, this features allows you to manage your Facebook information effectively and control those who view them. It is now possible to conceal most of your Facebook information from general public and allow only a specific number of people to see them.


This, they believe will strengthen user’s privacy and go a long way to strengthen Facebook itself.

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Cheerfully, one of the information Facebook included in this privacy policy is the Facebook friends list. You can now hide your friends list from stalkers who just come around to steal your friends and not buzz you a friend request, a businessman can also conceal his friends (customers) from competitors. And just how do you do this, follow the procedure below;

  • Go to your profile

  • Just at the top of your friends list, click on the pencil icon in front of “friends”

  • Now you can uncheck the box before “show friends list to everyone”

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Your Facebook friends list is now hidden, it is only hidden to those that are not your friends on Facebook, and your friends can still access it whenever they check your Facebook profile. To reduce exactly what Facebook users generally sees on your profile, try visit the personal privacy settings page, different options of privacy policy is suggested there in order to totally privatize and secure your Facebook account.

That is how you can hide your friends on Facebook. I hope this guide was helpful?

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