How to Add Products to a Facebook Shop

Do you want to know how to add products to a Facebook shop? Adding products to a facebook sop isn’t really easy but what’s time-consuming is opening a Facebook store. A Facebook store can easily be opened through any of the e-commerce sites, but you need to have a facebook account before you can get started. Before opening a Facebook store you need to have in mind the kind of products you want to sell online. This can also be a service depending on what you are good at doing. Facebook is a great place to get started on building a business if you do not have any store before now.

How to Add Products to a Facebook Shop

How to Add Products to a Facebook Shop – What Is Facebook Shop?

A facebook shop is a store page on Facebook in which any of the admins can sell a product. There are also shop groups on facebook. Now opening a facebook shop costs money when you want to do it like a professional. The good news about this is that you can now open a facebook shop from the comfort of your home for free if you are a starter and for as long as you want. This shop gives users admin access to sell their products, add a price and even a tag to show if it is negotiable.

Before adding a Facebook store to your Facebook account, you must first open a business page. The Facebook business page is the main essence of having a business page. After opening your business page, your Facebook store can now be easily set up.

How to Add the Shop Tab to Your Facebook Business Page For Free

This method is very easy and stress-free, all you have to do is to

  • Log in to the facebook account that you used to open the business page.
  • Open the page.
  • Click on settings from the page admins page.
  • Click on templates and tabs.
  • Scroll down to the shop tab and hit the settings option beside it.
  • On this option and click on save.

When this is done, your shop tab would now be open. After this procedure, the next step is adding a product to the shop.

How to Add a Product to Your Facebook Store

Follow the guidelines you see underneath to add products to your new facebook shop.

  • Navigate to the admin page of the store.
  • Click on the shop tab on the left menu.
  • Select the category you want to add the product to.
  • Click on add a product.

Fill the form and that’s it , you are done.

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