How to Change Facebook Password: Simple Steps On Changing Password on Facebook

change facebook password

How to Change Facebook Password: Simple Steps On Changing Password on Facebook

Facebook is one of the biggest social media that is gaining popularity among the users globally. Before people use public café to access their Facebook account, therefore there is need to change facebook password for proper security.

Regularly changing passwords online is a key ingredient to practicing good secure on the internet. As we all know that, some set of internet users are online to highjack your facebook account for certain reasons or the other. So the best bet for preventing such people from accessing your Facebook account to change facebook password regularly.

Sometimes, users need to change facebook password, whether it be for security reasons, or to make their password easier to remember.  That is why it is important to maintain the security of your account with a strong password.

If you think that your account security may have been compromised (someone is having your password), or if you simply would like a change of pace, this tutorial will teach you how to change facebook password in a couple of simple steps. But before then, here is a recommended article on how to fix Facebook orca folder error message.

Simple steps on how to change facebook password

Step 1: Login to Facebook account- change facebook password

change facebook password

Before you can make any changes to your Facebook account, you have to log in to your account with the current password. How will you do this? It is very simple not complicated at all, visit, then navigate to, you see that is easy.

Step 2: click on settings icon- change facebook password

change facebook password

From your home page after you might have provided your current password on the space provided, just look at the far top corner, you will see the settings icon, just click on it to see the drop down options.

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Step 3: click on the settings

change facebook password

On the way to change facebook password, from the drop-down that you see when you click the settings icon on the previous step (step 2). Look down the option and click or tap the settings, from here you will be directed to the settings page in full.

Step 4: Setting page- change facebook password

change facebook password

On this page, look for the password area four options down. Click the “Edit” button on the right to see where you are to change facebook password.

Step 5: change facebook password

change facebook password

This is the last step you need to take in other to change facebook password. After clicking on the Edit option, you have to enter in your current password, which is the password you used to log in into your account, then create your new password in the space provided.

Make sure the new password you make is either medium or strong. Having a weak password makes it easier for your facebook account to be compromised again in the future. When you are through with this, just click on Save Changes which is the last thing.


if you diligently followed the steps highlighted on this post on how to change facebook password, changing your facebook password will be very easy. If you see this as helpful tips, do not hid it to yourself alone, share with your friends.

How to Change Facebook Password: Simple Steps On Changing Password on Facebook

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