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How to Clear Facebook History and Remove Third Party Apps: With the recent news about Facebook privacy breaches, people are afraid if their account privacy has been breached so the quest about how do I clear my Facebook history, how do I remove third party apps and ultimately how do I delete Facebook permanently.

Well before you consider all these, it is better to review your account profile, remove all associations and probably clear your history. The three major things to consider to strengthen Facebook security are:

  1. Remove associations between third party apps and Facebook account
  2. Check how much of your data is held by third party apps
  3. Clear your Facebook history

Remove associations between third party apps and Facebook account

To remove third party permissions, do the following:

  • Sign in to your Facebook account
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on the Apps and Websites alternative
  • Check all apps and then click “Remove.”

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How to Check how much of your data is held by third-party apps

At one point in your Facebook experience, you must have allowed permission to Third-party apps, websites, games, and services. This permission enables them to keep your data even if Facebook doesn’t have it anymore. Unfortunately, there is no direct way to remove the permission except to contact the App maker or admin to help you remove the access, you can do so through the steps listed in Facebook’s instructions and simply ask them to remove the data. Fear not as these companies are mandated through Facebook’s terms and conditions to delete your Facebook data if you ask them to do so. To contact the individual apps, games and websites, you should visit their privacy policy pages. Few of the privacy pages of Facebook connected apps and platform are








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A special case from this list is Instagram, since it is owned by Facebook and tightly integrated with Facebook, some of your Facebook data might be saved on Instagram. So you might consider deleting both Facebook and Instagram permanently

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Clear your Facebook history (optional) 

Now to be more cautious of your privacy the last thing to consider is clearing your Facebook Search history. To do so perform these actions:

  • From your Facebook profile, click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of the Facebook page
  • Click on the Activity log alternative
  • Click on the pencil icon next to any of the item you want to remove and click Delete.

These are simple steps to make your Facebook account more secured but ultimately consider changing your Password often. I hope you do enjoy a private Facebook Life.

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